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White Pearl Quest

Written by B@rt

Type: Regular quest
Level required: 0
Location: Ankrahmun
Premium: Yes
Reward: White Pearl
Duration: Short (< 1 hour)

Required items

PicItemAmountLoot from
Pot 1

Quest guide

This quest is probably one of the easiest quests in Tibia, but you need a premium account to do it. Get a pot and a liquid container that you can fill with water before you start. You start at the serpentine tower:

At the serpentine tower just go up until you reach the top, the go down until you reach this floor:


This is how the room will look like before you did what you should do.

If you walk through the teleporter now you will be teleported here:


To let you get teleported to the other room, you must place the pot on the fire:


It is not necessary to have water in the pot.

If you go through the teleporter now you will be teleported to the other side of the room:


The loot is in the chest.


You will normally find a white pearl here.

To go back, you need to walk through the teleporter which will bring you here:


Enjoy your loot!