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Warrior Outfit Shoulder Spike addon

Written by Sir Rickard

Type: Addon quest
Level required: 0
Location: Carlin
Premium: Yes
Reward: Warrior Outfit Shoulder Spike addon
Duration: Long (> 2 hours)

Quest guide

Contents table


This is one of the basic outfits you get by having Premium Account.

Addon 1

See how to get the first addon here.

Addon 2

First of all get the items listed above. It might be a hard task because you need a Dragon Claw that you get from Demodras or buy for alot money. Now if you got the items listed above get to Trisha in Carlin. Here's a map showing the location where you find her:


Now talk with her like this:

You: Hi
Trisha: Welcome back, knight player!
You: Addon
Trisha: Are you talking about my spiky shoulder pad? You can't buy one of these. They have to be earned.
You: Earn
Trisha: I'm not sure if you are enough of a hero to earn them. You could try, though. What do you think?
You: Yes
Trisha: Okay, who knows, maybe you have a chance. A really small one though. Listen up: ...
Trisha: First, you have to prove your guts by bringing me 100 hardened bones. ...
Trisha: Next, if you actually managed to collect that many, please complete a small task for our guild and bring us 100 turtle shells. ...
Trisha: It is said that excellent shields can be created from these. ...
Trisha: Alright, um, afterwards show me that you have fighting spirit. Any true hero needs plenty of that. ...
Trisha: The last task is the hardest. You will need to bring me a claw from a mighty dragon king. ...
Trisha: Did you understand everything I told you and are willing to handle this task?
You: Yes

If you got the items needed then talk with her again.

You: Hi
Trisha: Welcome back, knight player!
You: 100 Hardened Bones
Trisha: How are you faring with your mission? Have you collected all 100 hardened bones?
You: Yes
Trisha: I'm surprised. That's pretty good for a man. Now, bring us the 100 turtle shells.
You: 100 Turtle Shells
Trisha: Did you get us 100 turtle shells so we can make new shields?
You: Yes
Trisha: Well done - for a man. These shells are enough to build many strong new shields. Thank you! Now - show me fighting spirit.
You: Fighting Spirit
Trisha: So, can you show me your fighting spirit?
You: Yes
Trisha: Correct - pretty smart for a man. But the hardest task is yet to come: the claw from a lord among the dragon lords.
You: Dragon Claw
Trisha: Have you actually managed to obtain the dragon claw I asked for?
You: Yes
Trisha: You did it! I have seldom seen a man as courageous as you. I really have to say that you deserve to wear a spike. Go ask Cornelia to adorn your armour.

Now you will need to get to Cornelia, you can find her here:


Talk with her like this:

You: Hi
Cornelia: Welcome to the finest armorshop in the land, Player!
You: Armor
Cornelia: Ah, you must be the hero Trisha talked about. I will prepare the shoulder spikes for you. Please give me some time to finish it.

females have to wait 1 hour for their addon and male characters have to wait 2 hours.
The RPG reason behind this is probably that females only get 1 spike and males 2!

Enjoy your addon!