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The Realm of Dreams

Written by Elyluvzya

Type: Regular quest
Level required: 40
Location: Ankrahmun
Premium: No
Reward: Beach Backpack Music Box Blue Rose Dracoyle Statue Black Pearl Red dragon Scale Stuffed Dragon Piggy Bank Blue Surprise Bag
Duration: Medium (1 - 2 hours)
Notes: You will not need parcels if you have the levitate spell. You must get the book from Draconia to enter the realm.


30 HP
10 Exp
260 HP
170 Exp
Carrion Worm
Carrion Worm
145 HP
70 Exp
Demon Skeleton
Demon Skeleton
400 HP
240 Exp
1000 HP
700 Exp
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord
1900 HP
2100 Exp
100 HP
85 Exp
65 HP
40 Exp
50 HP
35 Exp
35 HP
24 Exp

Quest guide

The main item you need to complete this quest is Chayenne’s magical key. It was possible to get this key from Chayenne's Anniversary Remains during Tibia's 15th Anniversary. Now you can buy it from other players or ask a friend to borrow the key so you may complete the quest.

realm 22

First you must go to Draconia, you can follow the map in http://en.tibiaml.com/quest/draconia_quest/. When you get there do NOT enter the pyramid but walk to the south of the pyramid and levitate up all the way to the top. If you do not have the levitate spell you can use parcels.

realm 1

At the top of the pyramid you will see a blue treasure chest, use it and you will get a book. You must get this book otherwise you will not be allowed to enter the realm even if you have the key.

realm 2

realm 3

After you get the book you must travel to Ankrahmun and go to the north dragon cave.

realm 4

There is a lever under a pile of stones at the top of the cave. In order to use the lever you must kill the full spawn of the cave. If the spawn is not full, you need to wait until everything has respawned. You can ask a friend to help you clear the cave so it goes by faster.

According to your map a full spawn consists of:
3 dragons spawn at the south of the cave (floor level +1)

realm 5

realm 5.1

5 dragons spawn towards the north of the cave (floor level +1)

realm 6

realm 6.1

2 dragons and 2 dragon lords spawn down towards the north west (floor level 0)

realm 7

realm 7.1

4 dragons and 4 dragon lords spawn up spread around the room (floor level +2)

realm 8

realm 8.1

2 dragon lords spawn up (floor level +3)

realm 9

realm 9.1

7 fire elementals spawn on the top floor (floor level +4)

realm 10

realm 10.1

Once you killed everything make sure you have Chayenne’s magical key and the book you got from Draconia in your backpack.

realm 11

Go to the top of the cave and use a destroy field rune only on the switch tile in front of the lever with a pile of rocks on it.

realm 12

If you have killed the full spawn properly the switch tile should pop up.

realm 13

When you step on the tile the pile of rocks on top of the lever will disappear which allows you to use the lever.

realm 14

When you use the lever it will move towards the east causing one of the magic walls to open and you can enter the realm.

realm 15

realm 16

You do not need the book from Draconia with you to enter the realm but you MUST have Chayenne’s magical key in your backpack otherwise it will not let you enter.

When you enter the realm it will all be protection zone so you don’t need to worry about monsters or anything. Just follow the path in which you will see very familiar cities and places from all over Tibia.

realm 18

When you reach near the end you will see a house with the door of level 40 expertise.

realm 17

Enter the house and go up the stairs, there you will see a dead dragon, a basket of puppies and someone sleeping in the bed. Use the dead dragon and you will get a beach backpack containing a Music Box, a Blue Rose, a Dracoyle Statue, a Black Pearl, a Red dragon Scale, a Stuffed Dragon, a Piggy Bank, and a Blue Surprise Bag.

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Enlarge image: realm 19

realm 23

To exit the realm you must leave the house and walk to the west there you will see an energy gate you go through.

realm 20

You will end up at the entrance of the north Ankrahmun dragon cave.

realm 21

If you want to complete this quest on more characters do not worry about clearing the whole cave again. The magic wall closes every 5 minutes after somebody uses the lever and it will remain like that unless there is a floor reset, in which then the pile of stones will reappear on the lever and you will need to clear the whole spawn again.