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The Marid

Written by B@rt

Type: Hunting task
Level required: 30
Location: Ankrahmun
Premium: Yes
Reward: 10.000 experience, 50 Platinum Coins, ability to kill Merikh the Slaughterer
Duration: Long (> 2 hours)
Notes: This quest can be done more then once. This quest is NOT in-game yet, it won't be untill the summer update 2009!


Green Djinn
Green Djinn
330 HP
215 Exp
550 HP
325 Exp
Merikh The Slaughterer
Merikh The Slaughterer
2000 HP
1500 Exp

Quest guide

Blue Djinn Quest

You will need to have finished the Blue Djinn quest before being able to start this quest, you can find a guide here.

Killing Green Djinns

Go to Gabel in the top of the Blue Djinn tower

You: Hi
You: Hunting Task
Gabel: You've proven to be an experienced soldier, human. Though I still hope the war to be over soon, the Efreet are still threatening our tower. ...
Gabel: Thus we need your help in killing the green ones. If you kill 500 green djinns or Efreet for us, I'll reward you with bonus experience and some extra gold pieces. Do you agree?
You: Yes
Gabel: All right. May Daraman bless your hunt, human.
You: Bye

You have to kill a total of 500 green djinns & efreets together. it doesn't matter wich 1, as long as the total comes down too 500.
NOTE: Summons do NOT count!

Green Djinns can be found in the following locations(summons not taking into account):
* Deeper Tombs (Not recommended)
* Green Djinn Fortress (Recommended)
* Yalahar green djinn area (Recommended)
* Deeper Banuta amphora floor (Recommended for higher lvls)
* Ankrahmun serpent tower (not recommended)

Efreets can be found here:
* Green Djinn Fortress (Recommended)
* Yalahar green djinn area (Recommended)
* Deeper Banuta (Recommended for higher lvls)
* Asmunrah's lair (Not recommended)

Merikh the Slaughterer

Once you finished killing 500 djinns, visit Gabel again.

You: Hi
Gabel: Welcome, human Dyloslawer, to our humble abode.
You: Task
You've done it, human! Daraman be praised! Take this for your efforts. ...
Gabel: What's left to do now is seek out Merikh the Slaughterer, an especially cruel Efreet. He hides somewhere in Yalahar. I don't know if you can kill him, but you should at least try.
You: Bye

Go to the green djinn area in Yalahar at the magician quarter.

Green Djinn lair yalahar

Then, go to the top floor, you will encounter lots of Green Djinns and several Efreets.

Once you are at the top, go to the other side of the tower, there you will find the teleport.

Green Djinn boss tp

Inside this teleport you will find Merikh The Slaughterer, he is like a normal Efreet but with more hp.


Once inside the teleport, you have 10 minutes to kill him and take his loot, after that time you will be kicked from the room, you cannot logout inside the room either. Once you leave the room, you cannot enter again unless you kill another 500 djinns.