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Stonehenge Dragon Quest

Written by B@rt

Type: Regular quest
Level required: 40
Location: Darashia
Premium: Yes
Reward: 1 Life Ring
Duration: Short (< 1 hour)


1000 HP
700 Exp
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lord
1900 HP
2100 Exp
4500 HP
4000 Exp

Quest guide

Go to the Darashia dragon lair. It can be found west of the minotaur pyramid.

Dragon Lord Lair Darashia

Go through the lvl 40 door and down the stairs. Keep going down till the big floor.


On this floor you'll find Dragons. Go to the stairs.

Dragon floor

On this floor, there are Dragon Lords and Dragons, usually near each other, you must go to the middle of this floor, there is another lower floor with 4 Dragon Lords and the dead dragon that holds the quest reward.

Dragon Lord floor

Kill the 4 Dragon Lords and head for the dead dragon.

Life Ring quest