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Shaman Outfit Staff Addon

Written by B@rt

Type: Addon quest
Level required: 0
Location: Port Hope
Premium: Yes
Reward: Shaman Staff Addon
Duration: Long (> 2 hours)
Notes: You will need to have access to Meriana for this addon.

Required items

PicItemAmountLoot from
Voodoo Doll Voodoo Dolls 5 Dworc Voodoomaster
Mandrake Mandrake 1 Tiquandas Revenge

Quest guide

Shaman Outfit

Read on how to get the outfit here.

Meriana Quest

Read on how to get access to Meriana here.

Shaman Staff Addon

The dworcish voodoo dolls should not be such a big problem, the hard part is getting the Mandrake from the Tiquandas Revenge. He spawns south east of Banuta, the best thing to do would be to check his spawn every day and check kill statistics to see if he might have been killed by someone else.

Once you got all the items required, go to Meriana and visit Chondur.

You: Hi
Chondur: Be greeted, child.
You: Addon
Chondur: The time has come, my child. I sense great spiritual wisdom in you and I shall grant you a sign of your progress, if you can fulfil my task.
You: Task
Chondur: Deep in the Tiquandian jungle a monster lurks which is seldom seen. It is the revenge of the jungle against humankind. ...
Chondur: This monster, if slain, carries a rare root called Mandrake. If you find it, bring it to me. Also, gather 5 of the voodoo dolls used by the mysterious dworc voodoomasters. ...
Chondur: If you manage to fulfil this task, I will grant you your own staff. Have you understood everything and are ready for this test?
You: Yes
Chondur: Good! Come back once you found a mandrake and collected 5 dworcish voodoo dolls.

Now talk to him again.

You: Hi
Chondur: Be greeted, child.
You: Task
Chondur: Have you gathered the mandrake and the 5 voodoo dolls from the dworcs?
Chondur: I am proud of you, my child, excellent work. This staff shall be yours from now on!

Enjoy your addon!