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Royal Rescue Quest

Written by B@rt

Type: Regular quest
Level required: 0
Location: Yalahar
Premium: Yes
Reward: Dwarven Legs
Duration: Short (< 1 hour)
Notes: The machete can be replaced for any other melee weapon.


Cyclops Smith
Cyclops Smith
435 HP
225 Exp
Furious Troll
Furious Troll
245 HP
185 Exp
240 HP
180 Exp
Mechanical Fighter
Mechanical Fighter
550 HP
255 Exp
Orc Berserker
Orc Berserker
210 HP
195 Exp
Troll Legionnaire
Troll Legionnaire
210 HP
140 Exp
Stone Golem
Stone Golem
270 HP
160 Exp
500 HP
280 Exp

Quest guide

The Hidden City of Beregar

You will need to have finished all the missions of the hidden city of beregar quest first.

Royal Rescue

Go to Emperor Rehal in Beregar.


You: Hail Emperor
Emperor Rehal: May fire and earth bless you, stranger. What leads you to Beregar, the dwarven city?
You: Mission
Emperor Rehal: As you have proven yourself trustworthy I'm going to assign you a special mission. Are you interested?
You: Yes
Emperor Rehal: Splendid! My son Rehon set off on an expedition to the deeper mines. He and a group of dwarfs were to search for new veins of crystal. Unfortunately they have been missing for 2 weeks now. What I'd like you to do is to find out what happened. ...
Emperor Rehal: Find my son and if he's alive bring him back. You will find a reactivated ore wagon tunnel at the entrance of the great citadel which leads to the deeper mines. If you encounter problems within the tunnel go ask Xorlosh, he can help you.
You: Bye
Emperor Rehal: Farewell, you!

Now to go the ore wagon station south in Beregar.

Ore Wagons

Take the most south ore wagon, it will take you go a little room with a broken bridge and a rails with an ore wagon.

Deeper mines

Make sure you have 3 woods and 6 nails inside your backpack, now, put your hammer in your hand and use it on the gap, if correct, a drawbridge will appear.

Toc Toc TOc

Now, use your saw on 1 wood, they both have to be inside your backpack, the wood will turn into a wooden tie.

wooden ties

Now, put your hammer in your hand and use it on the drawbridge you created. Rails should now appear on it.


You can now use the ore wagon in front of it to pass the bridge. however, it will collapse once you used it. So each person will have to bring their own 6 nails and 4 wood.

Bridge collapse

Now, use the next ore wagon, it will take you to a tunnel that is collapsed in the middle.
Here you will need to use your bricklayer kit to make a buttress appear.


Now you must use your pick on the rhubble. It will dissapear.


After that you can use the ore wagon to go to the next area. Walk to the east, you will notice a big bridge has collapsed, too big too repair, you will have to find another way around it.

Rail bridge

Walk into the tunnel to the west of this room, it will take you to a new room with stairs that lead down.

Go down the stairs and follow these maps(You will encounter a zombie, a gozzler and many stone golems.)

Map royal rescue

Map Royal Rescue2

Go up these stairs

Real Stone Golems

Now you are at the good side of the bridge, use the ore wagon to go to the next room.

In this room you have to transport some coal to an oven to make the levers work, there are 4 different levers, but only 1 will take you to the correct place.

Stone Golems

Go to the east, there you'll find the oven and the ore wagon needed to transport the coal. To move the ore wagon, simply use it.
Once at the end, use your shovel on the big piles of coal(doesnt matter wich one).


Now push it back and use your shovel again on the ore wagon.
The coal is now inside the crucible(big grey oven), use a fire bug to light it, but watch out, it will only light for 2 seconds, you will have to step on the bellow(the red object in front of the crucible) several times before it will stay on longer.


When you get the orange message, run to the second switch and pull it, an ore wagon will appear, use it to go to the next room.

This room looks a lot harder then it is, you must make the rails form a route to 1 of the entrances, first you must make it go for the most north road.
You can pull the switches next to the railparts on white tiles once to make the parts move around, and pull it another time to make them stop.

Make sure it is in this order:

Switches to NPC

Now that the switches are placed correct, use the north ore wagon at the beginning of the room. It will take you to this room.

NPC floor

Go north here, you will find your first Troll Legionnaire, they do invisible a lot but they don't do that much damage. Go up the stairs, here you will find Tehlim.


Ask him for a mission.

You: Hi
Tehlim: Hello, I'm so glad someone has found me. Did you meet THEM!?
You: Mission
Tehlim: I warn you, those trolls are WAY more dangerous than the usual kind. Alone, I can't do anything for my brothers. Find a way to the trolls' hideout and rescue my brothers. Are you willing to help me?
You: Yes
Tehlim: Great! I hope you find my brothers. Good luck!
You: Bye

Now go back to the start and use the ore wagon to reappear in the switch room.
Put the switches in this order now to go to the trolls' hideout.

switches to trolls

You will end up in a room with lots of catapults and balistae.


Go up the stairs and follow the road, there will be 1 Furious Troll(and possibly with summoned Mechanical Fighters) and lots of Troll Legionnaire's. There is also a teleport at the end of the room, you must go in here to go to the next floor. Here there are much more trolls.
Go straight to the east and down the stairs, there are more furious trolls and troll legionnaires down.



The last room has a big pot in the middle and a chest in the north, open the chest to get the key to the prison.

Now head back to the floor with the teleport and follow these maps. In the following floors you will enounter many furious trolls, troll legionnaires and mechanical fighters. Also, there are switches everywhere on the ground that make a maximum of 4 mechanical fighters spawn.

prison route

On the fire bridge you will be attacked by lava holes and troll legionnaire's from the side.

prison route2

On the following path are more furious trolls and troll legionnaires and mechanical fighters. At the end you'll see a dworclike fence, the south-west spot is somewhat damaged, use your melee weapon on there to make it break, then use either 3 parcels or the levitate spell to go down, there will be an Orc Berserker there.


Now follow this map, again furious trolls and troll legionnaires here.

prison berserker

On the last floor, walk to the west, you'll see the prisons, talk to the dwarf Rehon.

dwarf in prison

You: Hi
Rehon: Hello, my friend.
You: Mission
Rehon: By the Gods! You have the key to the cell! Thank you sooo much, mate. And now leave. I'll wait here until the air is clean and then I'm out of here.
You: Bye
Rehon: Leave without me. I'll sneak out on my own.

Now walk back to the teleport, use the ore wagon at the catapult room, and the south one in the maze room and then head back to Emperor Rehal.

You: Hail Emperor
Emperor Rehal: May fire and earth bless you, stranger. What leads you to Beregar, the dwarven city?
You: Mission
Emperor Rehal: My son was captured by trolls? Doesn't sound like him, but if you say so. Now you want a reward, huh? ...
Emperor Rehal: Look at these dwarven legs. They were forged years ago by a dwarf who was rather tall for our kind. I want you to have them. Thank you for rescuing my son you.
You: Bye

Enjoy your loot!