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Pirate Outfit Hat addon

Written by B@rt

Type: Addon quest
Level required: 0
Location: Liberty Bay
Premium: Yes
Reward: Pirate Had addon
Duration: Long (> 2 hours)


Brutus Bloodbeard
Brutus Bloodbeard
1200 HP
500 Exp
Deadeye Devious
Deadeye Devious
1450 HP
500 Exp
Ron The Ripper
Ron The Ripper
1500 HP
500 Exp
Lethal Lissy
Lethal Lissy
1450 HP
500 Exp

Quest guide

Pirate Outfit Quest
Read on how to get the Pirate Outfirt here.

Pirate Sabre Addon
Read on how to get the first addon here.
However, please note that you don't need this addon in order to get the hat addon.

Acces to Meriana
Read on how to get acces to Meriana here

Pirate Hat Addon
This is probably 1 of the most hardest addon in the game, you don't need to kill just 1 boss and get some easy addon items, but with this one you need to kill 4 bosses and loot their boss drop, who only spawn in pirate raids, so basicly, everybody who is online during that raid, will go there and attempt to get it, unlike every other boss spawn that remains pretty much a secret.

Every boss spawns in a different place in Liberty Bay, here is a map of the spawns.


Note that Ron the ripper spawns in the fortress, 2 floors up.

There are 3 kinds of pirate raids, and only in 1 type bosses spawn, you get this message in the one where they spawn:

Pirates are launching a surprise attack on Liberty Bay! Take care, they seem to be everywhere.

Pirates have invaded the fortress.

It's completely random how many and who of the bosses will spawn.

When you managed to get all the 4 pirate boss items bring them to Ariella in Meriana.

You: Hi
Ariella: Hi there.
You: Hat
Ariella: You mean my hat? Well, I might have another one just like that, but I won't simply give it away, even if you earned our trust. You'd have to fulfil a task first.
You: Task
Ariella: Your task is to bring me the shirt of the Lethal Lissy, the sabre of Ron the Ripper, the hat of Brutus Bloodbeard and the eye patch of Deadeye Devious. Did you succeed?
You: Yes
Ariella: INCREDIBLE! You have found all four of them! "You", you have my respect. You more than deserve this hat. There you go.
You: Bye
Ariella: Good bye.

Enjoy your addon!