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Nightmare Knight and Brotherhood of Bones Oufits

Written by B@rt

Type: Addon quest
Level required: 0
Location: Plains of Havoc
Premium: Yes
Reward: Nightmare Knight outfit
Duration: Long (> 2 hours)

Required items

PicItemAmountLoot from
Document of the Follower Document Of The Follower 1

Quest guide

Joining the Nightmare Knights or Brotherhood of Bones

Read on how to do the Dreamer's Challange Quest here

The outfit

Basicly, all you have to do to get the outfit if become a novice(Nightmare Knights) or a Magot(Brotherhood of Bones). You must have joined 1 of the ranks to be able to get the outfit, but in order to create the scroll to actually get the outfit, you must have become the highest rank in the guild, a Lord Protector(Nightmare Knights) or a Dread Lord(Brotherhood of Bones). So what you need is a player who has completed the quest and buy the outfit scroll from him.

Once you got the outfit scroll, simply "use" it and you got the outfit.

Nightmare Knights Male outfit:

Knightmare outfit male

Nightmare Knights Female outfit:


Brotherhood of Bones Male outfit:


Brotherhood of Bones Female outfit: