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Medusa's Black Pearls Quest

Written by B@rt

Type: Regular quest
Level required: 0
Location: Liberty Bay
Premium: Yes
Reward: 4 Black Pearls
Duration: Short (< 1 hour)
Notes: There is only 1 medusa and 1 energy elemental, but loads of wyrms!


Energy Elemental
Energy Elemental
500 HP
450 Exp
4500 HP
4050 Exp
1825 HP
1550 Exp

Quest guide

Go to the wyrm area of the Liberty Bay Mountain.

Lvl 60+ area lb

Go up the stairs and then up the next stairs twice. After that there will be a little floor and 2 more stairs, take the south one, up here there will be Energy Elementals and Wyrms. Follow this path to the next floor

Wyrm floor

Here there are only Wyrms but loads of them, and usually in groups, watch your step. Follow the next path to the 1x Medusa spawn.

Medusa spawn

The medusa is up the stairs, west in the room is a dead skeleton, inside you will find your 4 Black Pearls.