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Frost Dragon Quest

Written by Sir Rickard

Type: Regular quest
Level required: 0
Location: Svargrond
Premium: Yes
Reward: Shard, 10 Platinum Coins, Bullseye Potion
Duration: Short (< 1 hour)


Frost Dragon
Frost Dragon
1800 HP
2100 Exp
Frost Dragon Hatchling
Frost Dragon Hatchling
800 HP
745 Exp

Quest guide

Before making this Quest you will have to have done Ice Islands Quest at least until you got access to travel with Buddel's boat. If you can't kill Frost Dragons or don't know someone to clean the Quest it's better to wait with doing it. If you want to start you will need to get to Okolnir by Buddel's boat. Here's the location of Buddel's boat:


Say hi, passage and Okolnir and you might get to Okolnir. But Buddel is drunk so he might bring you to the wrong island. So if he bring to to the wrong island travel again and again until you get to Okolnir. You can also travel to the right island at once by having Dwarven Ring in your Backpack. Now if you got to Okolnir follow this map to the ramp:


Now if you go up by the ramp there might be 3 Frost Dragons first. And later there might be some more Frost Dragons. Simply follow this map from the ramp:


After you went down you will normally have to meet a Frost Dragon Hatchling. But there might be lured Frost Dragons. Follow this map and go to the underground.


Now there will be alot Frost Dragons and Frost Dragon Hatchlings in the underground. Follow this map to get to the Quest Box.


Get the loot from the box.


Enjoy your loot!