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Doublet Quest

Written by Frank

Type: Regular quest
Level required: 1
Location: Rookgaard
Premium: No
Reward: Doublet
Duration: Short (< 1 hour)


20 HP
5 Exp

Quest guide

To start the quest you will have to talk to Tom the tanner. If you sell him a rat, he will say that if you would like to hunt something bigger you should check the cellar of the stables, where some old adventurer used to store his stuff under a floorboard. This is a very easy quest. The only creature you will encounter is a rat. Get to Tom's stable that you can see on this map (marked by black circle):


Here you will have to kill a Rat, which shouldn't be a problem. Once you have killed the Rat and looted your freshly killed rat simply take a look around. You won't see anything special, but there is a loose floorboard in this room. You will have to ctrl+click on this place to get your Doublet: