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Combat Knife Quest

Written by Zanko

Type: Regular quest
Level required: 1
Location: Rookgaard
Premium: No
Reward: Combat Knife
Duration: Short (< 1 hour)


20 HP
5 Exp

Quest guide

This might be one of your first quests. The quest is at Rookgaard sewers. You find the sewers in the city. The main sewer entrance is the main part of the city like you can see on this map:


The black circle shows where the sewers are located.

Right click on the sewer gate, and click use. You will find yourself in the sewers of Rookgaard.


Here in the sewers you will face the only creatures you will see in this quest, rats. They should not be much of a problem because they are the weakest exp wielding creature in Rookgaard. From here, go east across the bridge shown in the picture above. (Note: The bridge might not be there, if this is so, right click on the lever shown north-east of the character in the picture above, and click use. After this the bridge will appear). After crossing the bridge, go north and when you get to a wall, take the eastern path. Keep going this way until you are faced with three routes, take the western one, and head down that way. When you can either go north or south, go south. Keep going south past any other routes, till you come to a little chamber. Simply walk like this map shows:


There will be a chest in the bottom right corner of this chamber. Go to the chest, right click on it, and then click use. You will receive a combat knife.


Enjoy your loot!