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Captain Iglue's Quest

Written by Pinheiro

Type: Regular quest
Level required: 2
Location: Rookgaard
Premium: No
Reward: 2 Salmon (quest), 12 Salmon and 1 Letter (spawn), the salmons can be changed by getting the translation of the orc language from Amber.
Duration: Short (< 1 hour)

Required items

PicItemAmountLoot from
Rope Rope 1 Black Knight, Hero, Island Troll, Man In The Cave, Troll
Antidote Rune 2


20 HP
5 Exp
15 HP
10 Exp
20 HP
12 Exp
50 HP
20 Exp
Poison Spider
Poison Spider
26 HP
22 Exp
50 HP
35 Exp

Quest guide

Like almost of all Rookgaard quests you have to start crossing the town bridge to the north (note that you will have to be lvl 2 or you will be teleported back) and keep the way to the north, follow this map:


Once you enter the cave you will face from rats to skeletons, but they are few and aren't hard to defeat.


Next step is to find the hidden dungeon of Captain Iglue, there are many throught the cave, the maps show the easiest way to reach his dungeon (Trolls on the way).


Now go down and you will have to kill rats. Go up again and continue a bit north then go down. Now follow this map (Spiders and Poison Spiders on the way):


Now you have to pass the the poison fields, don't worry, just use your first antidote rune you got after pass throught it. Keep the other one to come back.


After the poison fields you shouldn't get lost. Follow this map (Poison Spiders here):


Follow the next map:


Follow this map to reach the final room:


If you reached the final room kill the skeletons, you might need to use some lifefluids.


You finally made it, the reward is on the right chest, you might find a spawn of 12 extra salmons and the letter of Captain Iglue if you have luck.


The chests from the quest and spawn.


The Captain Iglue's letter that gave the name of the quest.

If you want you can talk with Amber in the town to know more about the orcish language, or you can keep the salmons with you, they are rare in the island.

You: Hi
Amber: Oh hello, nice to see you [player].
You: Food
Amber: My favorite dish is salmon. Oh please, bring me some of it.
You: Salmon
Amber: Yeah! If you give me some salmon I will tell you more about the orcish language. Okay?
You: Yes
Amber: Thank you. Orcs call arrows 'pixo'.

Notice that Amber just teach you one new word each day.

Orcish Language

Hi - Charach
Bye - Futchi
Yes - Mok
No - Nok
Offer - Ikem goshak
Buy - Goshak
Weapon - Porak
Armor - Bora
Shield - Dora
Sabre - Charcha [25 gp]
Short Sword - Burka [30 gp]
Sword - Burka bata [85 gp]
Hatchet - Hakhak [85 gp]
Bow - Batuk [400 gp]
10 Arrows - Pixo [30 gp]
Leather Armor - Aka bora [25 gp]
Studded Armor - Tulak bora [90 gp]
Studded Helmet - Grofa [60 gp]
Brass Shield - Donga [65 gp]