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Izuael graphix

Interview with Izuael

Written by Agi on Saturday 19 January 2008
I want to start by saying thank you for taking the time in doing this interview for TibiaNordic.
No problem. It’s just fun that people haven’t forgot me.

Let’s start with an introduction? Tell us about yourself and what you do for CipSoft.

My name is Mikael Andersson and I’m 22 years old. I’ve been helping CipSoft with their graphic since 2004. At the moment I’m studying digital art on the Luleå Technical University. It’s really fun to learn more about graphic of all kinds.

What made you start with the kind of graphics Tibia is using?
Hmmm, it was a long while ago, I was playing Tibia myself and I really liked the style of the game. Since I’ve always loved to draw and paint I tried out editing some of the stuff from the game. At the same time I found World of Tibia. I started to post my graphics over there and a lot of nice people helped me improve by providing great feedback.

Is there something you’ve made that you are extra proud over?
Nah, not really. I use to snort at my old stuffs as soon I’ve started with the new update. So I’ve got no favorite, although it’s always fun to make stuffs that you know will be very rare (at least for sometime…) which people put in their houses.

Haha, isn’t that a weird feeling? Walking around cities and seeing items that you made yourself? Have you done that before? Walking around and looking into houses to see if they own any of your items?
Yes, actually I’ve done that sometimes. I stopped playing Tibia years ago so I’m not totally up-to-date. Mostly I’m walking around in Thais or something like that. Sometimes you see houses full of your stuffs and that is really fun. And also I use to get the chance to see the new items in the private test server. Knightmare is the nice guy transporting me to the new places.

What’s keeping you motivated?
I like to help and make the game better graphically. It’s also fun to get the chance to see how a game is made since that’s what I want to do in the future. Work with different games.

Well, that leads us onto the next question: How does your future look like?
Hehe, first I’ll study here, I’ve got like a year left + exjob. Exjob is a job the school offers so I get the chance to test my knowledge for real, on a real company. Whether it’ll be a game company or a movie/commercial company I don’t know, but I hope it’s a game company. Later on I'm not sure, I hope I get a job somewhere and keep making graphics.

How often does your stuff get denied by CipSoft, and who makes that decision?
The most of it is accepted, with small adjustments from time to time. They use to save the graphic they won’t use in the coming update and keep it for later. Nowadays it’s Jan Pedro, the main artist, who sits in their office and decides what’s in and what’s not. Also the team of content is deciding.

Do you have any tips to people who would like to begin making graphics?

It’s just to keep on working, look at other artists’ works and study them. Don’t be afraid of testing stuff and making mistakes, that’s how you learn. The good part about the Tibian graphics is that you just need MS Paint to get started. Everyone makes their graphic in their own ways, I’m using Photoshop, but the most important is that you really try and try!
Another thing that I often see is that people’s hurry on their graphics (like I did in the beginning). Take your time and be your own critic! Always ask yourself if it really feels ready and good enough to show.

How is it to work together with Jan Pedro?
It works well, he’s really nice and helpful. In the beginning you would be kind of negative of a new guy making graphics, you'd feel like he would take all the work. But it wasn’t like that, and there’s always much to do.

How much time does it take to do a little thing?
Well, it’s a quite small format so not that long. Often you just sit around thinking about a design and trying out some things before you start for real, I would say it takes about an hour for me. Of course it varies; a small flower doesn’t take as long as a sword or an armor for example.

5 quickies:
Sweden or another country? Sweden
Tibia or WoW? Oops, I shouldn’t play any of those. But I think it’s WoW, sorry.
Small or big drawings? Big drawings, totally.
Wacom or draw in the real life? Ouw, that’s a hard one. I love both. But it’s something special to draw with colour, and that’s much easier with a computer. So I’ll say Wacom.
Swords, axes or clubs (to draw)? Axes!

Thanks for the interview! Any last comments for the readers?
Oh, no problem, just fun. I just want to wish everyone a bit late happy new year.