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Sea Serpent

New demon bosses

Written by Steven on Wednesday 04 June 2008
With the next update, some new demon bosses will be introduced. More information can be found below.

1) Ushuriel

Ushuriel is merciless and cruel even by demon standards. Like many other powerful demons, he worked his way up the demonic hierarchy through murder and slaughter. Unlike some of his more reckless brethren, he was thoughtful enough to win powerful allies and to ensure that his enemies had no chance for revenge before his next move for more power. Where other demons perished because they underestimated their enemies and overestimated themselves, Ushuriel was prepared for the confrontation and let others do the dirty work. After investing much time to examine his opponents' powers, his strikes were swift and precise. Early in his career, he became a follower of the Ruthless Seven and gained prestige and might in their shadow.
Loving it to kill and slaughter, he serves the Ruthless Seven as an executioner. Gifted with immense powers, Ushuriel usually just ignores any attacks and then starts to torment his target. His executions are lengthy procedures as he enjoys the fear and death struggle of his victims. As he is mostly confronted with helpless victims, it might confuse him if an opponent is actually fighting back. Still, it is very unlikely that someone will face the chief executioner of the Ruthless Seven and lives to tell the tale.
Though perfectly capable to handle almost any opponent, he likes to strip his victims of their powers and enjoys their weakness and fear. If you allow him to rob you of your powers, your small chance to survive this encounter is gone and you are as good as dead.

2) Mardareth

Mardareth has dedicated his life to battle. Bred by the Ruthless Seven as one of their greatest warlords, Mardareth has endured a painful and torturing training. Instead of creating a brilliant leader, though, they gave birth to a savage killing machine that constantly tries to improve his skills by challenging other demonic minions. Even if Mardareth only uses a fraction of his skills, the usual outcome of such fights is a stack of juggernauts and demons hacked to pieces. It is rumoured that he even defeated the mighty Orshabaal. His only weakness might be the single-mindedness with which he pursues the destruction of his victims. In his lust for battle, he often forgets his surrounding and lives only for the moment of his next strike. Though Mardareth loves playing cat and mouse with his victims, he quickly loses all finesse and fully indulges in his blood lust. It is unknown how such a beast is kept in check by the Ruthless Seven.

3) Golgordan and Latrivan

Golgordan and Latrivan are quite atypical for the demon race. They seem to share a very special kinship, unheard of in demon lore, since they were born. Working as one unit, they quickly rose in the ranks of the Ruthless Seven's minions. As long as they worked together they were able to accomplish magical feats and were of immense value. With growing powers, their envy towards each other grew, too. Soon the success story of the demon brothers came to a halt as their continuing quarrels prevented them from using their special powers. Of course each of them blamed his brother for his misfortune.
Today, both work hand in hand if need arises and both are competent sorcerers even though they lack the physical skills of most of their opponents. Though they feel no love for each other, the brothers are more or less united as soon as an enemy turns up. They are well aware that their true strength can only unfold if they work together. They also know that other powerful demons are greedily looking at their rank. Since the brothers would grant other demons not even a corn of dirt, they continue to work together out of sheer malignity. Their fabulous skills in casting spells and understanding magic made them to magical advisers of the Ruthless Seven. Their masters provided them the opportunity to realise costly and cruel experiments. A piece of luck as both demons prefer to continue their sinister studies to any battle. The Ruthless Seven mostly engage the demonic brothers to organise and supervise operations, something the brothers are very good at - as long as they don't start fighting each other.

4) Annihilon

Belonging to an unknown and possibly otherwise extinct breed of demons, Annihilon is pure power. It is said that Annihilon was responsible for the destruction of his own race. He is the last survivor of countless battles that mirrored the demonic version of the 'survival of the fittest' phrase. His massive, heavy body is just one huge mass of moving muscles. There is no place for finesse in his body full of sheer strength. What he lacks in skill, he easily makes up with raw power. This aeon-old creature has served many masters in his wretched life. It is assumed that he was already a follower of one of the Ruthless Seven when they started to form their cabal. He stayed stoical at their side during their rise to power. He was present at many of the greatest triumphs of his cruel masters. The Ruthless Seven often employed the rather simple-minded Annihilon for banal tasks as there is no known demon at their disposal that matches him in strength. As long as there is something to kill, Annihilon is absolutely loyal to his masters. This loyalty and his lack of ambition, apart from slaughter and killing, makes him to one of the preferred servants of the Ruthless Seven. He is the perfect tool to keep lesser demons in line and does not mind to use his strength to fulfil some smaller tasks that might be at hand. This ancient creature is often accompanied by parasites that feed on his dripping spicy sweat. Detecting some of these small but extremely nasty parasites is a helpful sign to know about Annihilon's presence in advance.

5) Zugurosh

Despite his might, the demon known as Zugurosh is a coward. And he would be the first to admit that - if he were threatened enough. Zugurosh spent a good part of his past hiding from real and assumed enemies. Seeking for protection, he joined the ranks of the Ruthless Seven soon after they had established themselves as the mightiest of all surviving cabals. Though he is quick on the uptake, his cowardice prevented him from gaining any significant power until his paranoia helped him to discover a treachery in the ranks of the Ruthless Seven's minions. This granted him the attention of his dark masters and a rather high position in their ranks that only resulted in intensifying his fears.
Zugurosh prefers to be a living coward than a dead hero. Ironically his cowardice and paranoia made him a valuable tool for the Ruthless Seven who entrusted him with several safety measures for their numerous operations. Assuming enemies and betrayal everywhere, Zugurosh is responsible for some of the most important and essential safety measures of the Ruthless Seven. He has a rather unique network of bribed and threatened informants. Though treachery and backstabbing is quite common among demons, this kind of controlled betrayal on a grand scale is a rather unusual concept for their race, and so far it works quite well.
Zugurosh hates every fair fight, and he ensures that things are in his favour before he makes his move. He enjoys to prey upon helpless victims and loves nothing more than cheap victories using deceit, traps and ambushes. Since demons do not mind much about such tactics, Zugurosh is quite respected by his kind.

6) Hellgorak

Hellgorak is the last survivor of a demonic cabal which succumbed to the Ruthless Seven aeons ago. And Hellgorak is a survivor to the core. As the victory of the Ruthless Seven became more and more evident, he betrayed his allies and switched sides. Hellgorak decided it was better to serve under the Ruthless Seven than to die as a leader. Becoming a minion of the Ruthless Seven did not stop him from developing his evil plans. Slowly but steadily he climbed up in the ranks and used his new power and influence to improve himself. He called in favours, and killed those who possessed wisdom he needed.
In the cause of time, his demonic plans yielded fruits. With the help of stolen secrets and enchantments, his dark body is covered with glowing ancient runes that protect him from most harm. He boasts about his invulnerability which actually was proven a lie by the agents of the inquisition. Still, he shakes of most damage with ease, and it would for sure take an insane amount of attackers to bring him down. It was prophesied that no man will beat him - right before he killed the oracle. Still, he fears the Ruthless Seven who defeated him and his allies in the past. Therefore, it is safe to say that, even though he is nearly invulnerable, Hellgorak is all but immortal.