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Tibia news

June - the Month of Flowers

Written by CipSoft on Monday 02 June 2008
Have you stumbled across seeds during your Tibia adventures lately? Now the time has come where they might come in handy. This month, the dryad Rosemarie is residing in a little hut, south of Port Hope. Like most dryads, she has dedicated her life to the protection of plants. For this reason, she is always looking for rare seeds. In addition, she is very keen about sharing the beauty of plants with others. Therefore, she has a special offer for you. If you give her some of the seeds that you have found during your hunts, she will give you a flowerpot containing a seedling. Use a watering can, available in Tibia's most popular garden centre, to water it regularly. Take good care of your plant and it will grow into a beautiful flower after some time.

However, Rosemarie is not the only dryad that is visiting Tibia this month. Unfortunately, not all of her dryad sisters are as friendly and peaceful as Rosemarie. Some of them are rather aggressive on their mission to protect the life of all plants. So better beware if you run across one of those wild dryads these days.

Let the flowers bloom!
Your CipSoft Team