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Tibia news

Interview About DDoS Attacks on Supported Fansites

Written by CipSoft on Friday 18 April 2008
DDoS attacks are a great problem for all online multiplayer games. In the last months, the game experience of several Tibia players was affected by DDoS attacks. Naturally, many questions came up concerning this topic. For this reason, we have asked our supported fansites to collect questions about DDoS attacks. Mercutio Mercado, Craban and Durin have answered these questions in an interview which has been published on several of our supported fansites now. Learn, among other things, how DDoS attacks work, which measures CipSoft has taken to bring them under control, or why DDoS attacks have many more negative consequences for an MMORPG like Tibia than for a search engine, for example.

DDos Interviews

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