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What are soulpoints?

Written by Fox Mc Cloud on Wednesday 12 September 2007
Soulpoints are an addition to Tibia to prevent cheating. Before there were soulpoints there were many druid farms (afk druids putted online with multi-client to make uh runes). Because this is illegal CIP had to find a solution for them, and I think the soulpoint system is doing a perfect job here. Of course it also afflicts fair players, since they have to hunt or sleep in a bed to restore soulpoints. It's no big problem for promoted players (players with a vocation promotion) since their soulpoints raise pretty fast while hunting (1 soulpoint every 15 seconds) and they can also sleep in beds to restore soulpoints. Free account players have a harder job upon gaining soulpoints, while hunting they only gain 1 soulpoint every 2 minutes. This is to prevent people to go hunt with their druid farm, but it's not very pleasant for fair players. A good advice is to see that your soulpoints don't go too low.


Free account players have 100 soulpoints and premium account players have 200 soulpoints. Making arrows, bolts or other distance weapons costs soulpoints, just like making runes. Instant spells don't require a certain amount of soulpoints. The amount of soulpoints needed to make a rune is different for every rune. As an example, an ultimate healing rune requires 3 soulpoints and a heavy magic missile rune 2 soulpoints.

Now that you know all this, it's time to learn how you can earn soulpoints. To restore soulpoints you can sleep in a bed or hunt. Sleeping in a bed isn't hard and needs no explanation, but hunting does needs a word of explanation since it's not as easy as you might think it is. It does matter what you hunt! You have to hunt monsters that give you the same or more experience points (exp) then your level. As example we can give that a level 35 cannot hunt trolls to restore soulpoints because they only give 20 exp, and they need to give 35 or more experience points. But this same person would be perfectly fine if he would hunt larvas, since they give 44 exp which is more then his level. As last I would like to tell that while premium account players are sleeping in a bed, they restore one soulpoint every 15 minutes; so long nights means many soulpoints.