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Tibia ML news

New Payment System

Written by CipSoft on Saturday 08 March 2008
On next Tuesday, March 11th, we are going to introduce a new payment system which allows us to handle payments much more independently. This will have many advantages as we can assist you in payment matters ourselves. This will result in much faster support and easier handling. The new Tibia payment system will be available in addition to our partnership with element 5. This means that you will have attractive new payment options, however, for those of you that cannot use them yet, element 5's familiar payment options are still available.

In the beginning, the new payment system will only be available for credit card payments from Germany, France and Sweden. Accepted credit cards are American Express, MasterCard, Visa and the French Carte Bleue. Further countries and payment methods will be added in the course of time once everything runs smoothly. At first, payments can only be ordered for your own account, so you cannot use the new system to order premium time for a friend.

The new system allows you to either order single payments for either 30 or 90 days premium time or to set up a subscription. A subscription is an agreement in which you allow us to charge your credit card, either for 30 or for 90 days premium time, automatically on a regular basis whenever your premium time is about to expire. It ensures that your premium time will always be added in time. This way you do not have to fear losing your house due to expiring premium time.
You can easily cancel an active subscription by clicking on the corresponding button on your account page. As a result, we will not charge you further for premium time automatically. Also, the account will be returned to free status as soon as the remaining premium time runs out, unless you buy actively more premium time. Note that cancelling a subscription does not affect already charged payments.

As already said, these are only the first steps for the new Tibia payment system. Hopefully, we are soon able to provide this new system for many more countries. Also we have various great plans for possible future payment methods, e.g. we are thinking about introducing national bank transfers in certain countries. Faster processing of your order and lower bank fees than for international transfers are just two of the advantages that this concept has in store for you.
Stay tuned! We will keep you updated about all interesting news concerning our great new payment system on Tibia.com.

Get ready for great new payment options!

Brought to you by your TibiaML Team