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Tibia news

Valentine's Day

Written by Cipsoft on Thursday 14 February 2008
It's Valentine's Day! Do you still need to find a present for your sweetheart? Look for our lovely Valentina in Greenshore who is visiting us for this special day. She is offering all you need to surprise your beloved ones and to show them that you care about them.

Your honey is a sweet tooth? Valentina is offering delicious homemade cakes in heart shape. You have a gift for writing poetry and want to surprise your darling with a self-written masterpiece? Buy a valentine card to write your words on a special piece of paper.

Note: Unfortunately, Valentina was in a hurry this morning and mixed up her boxes with flower bouquets with her boxes of torches. So you cannot buy flowers today. However, she promised us to visit Greenshore tomorrow again, so you can buy beautiful flowers for your love after tomorrow's server save.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Your CipSoft Team