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Security guide: avoid getting hacked!

Written by Steven on Friday 11 January 2008
Disclaimer: Reading this guide will not prevent you from being hacked but it will strongly reduce your chance on getting hacked.

1) Never give your password or account number to other people. Even if they say that they need it, or that they are Gamemasters, Tutors or Counsellors; you shouldn't give it. Tibia or CIP-soft will never ask your account number of password. Don't believe it when they tell you that you get a free premium account or free items. CIP (the makers of tibia), will never give away free premium account.

2) Never enter your password on other websites than www.tibia.com. There are some websites that promise you free items or free premium account or even other things, but these are hack sites. They want your account number and password to take all your items. Be careful too whit websites looking exactly the same than the official website. Keep in mind that www.tibia.com is the only official website.

3) Don't make your password too easy, and don't store the password or account number in a file on your computer. Good hackers will be able to hack your computer and read everything that is on it. Make also sure that they don't hack your e-mail account because then they can hack your tibia account very easy. Use a firewall to protect yourself against hackers and viruses.

4) Never believe mails that CIP send you. Sometimes you get a mail from the official e-mail address from CIP-soft, but this is a hacking mail too. They say that you lose your account if you don't click on the link and fill in the page, but you will just lose your account if you click on it. If you think that you have done something wrong, check your computer for viruses whit a virus scanner.

5) Don't play tibia on a public computer like in a library, an internet bar, school... Maybe they can check the history and hack your account. There are hackers that can check everything you do on that computer very easy.

6) Don't believe letters in your depot that you have won something like a free premium account or a trial period for premium account. If it is, it will stand on the website www.tibia.com. CIP is to busy to send mails or letters to every person. Also don't believe it if you get free items. Latest sending a letter that you'll get banned is very popular. Do not mail or visit (to) anything. This is not true, and you won't get banned. CIP will never warn you of anything by in-game letters.

7) Don't trade or share your account. Sometimes people ask you to share an account, but never do it because they can log in whit your character and take all your stuff, and sharing is against the rules. Never buy an account from another player. They sell it, and after you bought it, they just enter a recovery key password and they have the account back. It's very easy to get hacked this way. And last but not least, account selling, buying, sharing or trading are forbidden and will result in a ban/deletion of all accounts taking part in it.

8) If you have Premium Account, you can personalise your account. It increases the safety of your account, and if you are hacked you can send a copy of your passport to get your account back. You also get a recovery key password. Write down this password, and if you are hacked you can enter it in the lost account interface to get your account back immediately. If you want to get rid of the key logger, try a virus scan, and if this doesn't find anything reinstall windows (format your pc).

9) Don't download any programs that help you whit playing tibia that aren't from the official site (www.tibia.com). They will tell that it are great programs, and most of them does work, e.g. there are programs that eats, fishes, casts spells and make runes automatically or there are programs that you will never need a torch again... Never download these programs. Some of these programs are: Tibia GG, Tibia Proxy, AFK program... Btw, those programs are pretty useless after the last update. Also be careful with the place where you download TibiaCam. For experienced hackers it's not very hard to put a key logger in it and republish it.

10) Installing a firewall will increase your security. Don't tell around what firewall you use, so the hackers can't put them down. Tell as less info about yourself and your pc as possible. The less they know, the better.

11) Do NOT listen to all kind of in-game messages offering you things like:
* become level 80, visit xxx .com
* want to come on hydrablade quest, visit xxx .com
* join my guild and get free rooms, look on xxx .com
* free premium account at xxx .com
* Bubble against 6 demons, xxx .com