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Tibia Multilingual

Interview with Steven

Written by Rivao on Friday 11 January 2008
Hello, first of all thank you for answering these questions for our fansite Tibia ML. Could you tell us about yourself?

My real name is Steven and I'm 21 years old. I live in Belgium and study Chemistry. I'm in my last year of academy now. I'm not married and don't have kids Stick out tongue. My main interests are Tibia and web development.

Well the thing that is known is that you are the owner of Tibia ML and TibiaNordic, what more do you have?

I'm also the owner of Tibiacity, one of the supported Tibia fansites.

Why did you decide to make Tibia fansites? How do you keep your motivation?

I always liked to have a website. In the past I had a site about Nintendo in Dutch but it didn't have many visitors. When I started to play Tibia I made a website about that and it slowly grew into Tibiacity.

Later I tought it was time to start on a new project and so Tibia ML was created. I also bought TibiaNordic because it's a nice site and it wasn't getting updated so I wanted to bring a change into this.

A long time ago, Tibia was created, could you tell us about your personal view at the game nowdays?

I like Tibia a lot and I think they still improove the game. Cip sometimes does weird stuff, but we'll have to take that with it. I didn't really play Tibia in the early years, but I've seen a lot of good changes lately.

We all know that you are a busy man, but in your work in Tibia ML, what do you love the most?

Working on a new section, it's cool to make something new, to test it, to put everything on it's place and then to release it to the public... Smile Also I like to work out new ideas, to answer forum posts...

What do you think about the last winter update?

Except for the vocation balancing I like it. It's not really great what they did with runes and potions. We can't heal our friends anymore as a knight, also hunting became soo much cheaper for druids and sorceres then before, while it got soo much more expensive for knights, while they already made experience faster.

Can you tell us your own favorite character in Tibia?

Fox Mc Cloud, my knight because it's my highest character, but I also like my pally, Fox The Giant.

Tibia have already a lot of servers but maybe you want one more? What would it be and why?

I like non-pvp servers the most. I don't really like to get killed and therefor I play on a non-pvp world (Harmonia).

Who is your idol in Tibia (if you have one)?

None actually, I just have my friends Smile. I don't think people should look up to someone, just be who you're yourself.

Well for our last question, please tell some words you dedicate to the tibia players that will read this interview.

Well, keep visiting our site, play fair and don't forget Tibia is only a game Wink. I was kinda chocked that people decided to stay home from school and even from work for the double experience week.

Thanks for your time and we wish you the best for you and your fansites.

You're welcome and thanks Smile.