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Interview with CM Neofine

Written by Daria Sefin on Thursday 10 January 2008
Today we have managed to take a little time out of one of the new Community Managers in the lands of Tibia, CM Neofine! So please give a warm welcome to miss Neofine.

As the "noobie" of the team (according to Manina) do you only fill in for Alguzara and Iscen?

I also assist Alguzara and Iscen with their daily work. For example I'm in charge of the Board Report Questions-Thread and the Statement Report Questions-Thread on the Tutor Main Board. Moreover, I also have some day-to-day business to do, such as answering emails and processing reports. And actually, Manina called Andasstra and me "newbies", we're just new but not noobs.

Can you give us a detailed description on what a "normal" day is at the Cipsoft office. Such as a daily routine? Since we know Mercutio likes coffee and Craban likes to pick on Mercutio. Whats your day like?

Every CM holds down his/her job, as you know we have different tasks to fulfill. We also have team meetings every week where we discuss important matters. A daily routine, hm, Manina and me like a certain kind of chocolate candy made of crispbread and chocolate. Yummy! Smile

Many players are wondering when Cipsoft will start to recruit "several" gamemasters. Like in the past as like the first round and second round "drafts" other than one at a time.

We continually appoint new GMs. We don't predetermine the number of new GMs, there are several candidates who have to prove themselves suitable and worthy of the job. Therefore, the selection always takes some time.

Whats is it like reviewing every banishment a Tibian Gamemaster makes?

A lot of complaints about banishments are quite funny as you can read in the current featured article on our website. Anyways, it takes some time to process the complaints since we have to evaluate all evidence against the player to ensure that a banishment is justified.

We all know that you fill in for the "Head Gamemaster" and you are the first to decide who gets a Gamemaster. What makes your decision so special? What are you looking for?

First of all, a gamemaster has to be trustworthy. He/She should also be an experienced player with common sense. Moreover, he/she should act unbiased and without prejudice. Good English skills are also required and there are still many more facts that are taken into consideration.

What seals the deal to become a senator?

What seals the deal... well, let's say that volunteer helpers have to prove themselves worthy of the title. Smile

Thanks for your time Neofine any last words?

It was a pleasure to talk with you. My best wishes to all Tibia players, have fun, play fair and take care! Smile