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A Day in the Life of a Gamemaster

A Day in the Life of a Gamemaster

Written by Cipsoft on Wednesday 02 January 2008
At the moment we have 36 diligent gamemasters and 10 customer support members who watch over the Tibian community, punish characters that violate the Tibia Rules or help if players have problems. There are many different cases and situations gamemasters have to deal with every day. During their dedicated work to help the community they also experience funny and absurd situations every now and then. I have asked our gamemasters and my colleagues for their funniest and most hair-raising stories to give you this little story of a "typical" day in the life of a gamemaster.

As every day, I log on my gamemaster account on a random game world. After having gently landed on GM island, also fondly called home, I have a look at the rule violation channel. A simple "hi" is the first thing I see there. "Well," I say to myself, "let's see if he actually has a report." As he closes the channel right after I greet him, I assume he just wanted to see what happens if he writes something here. Unfortunately, such "reports" happen quite often. As nobody else seems to need help here, I login to the next game world. As this is a Non-PvP game world, the rule violation channel usually is quite full. Only 3 reports today. The first one makes me smile: "A player has thieved my loot in Ankrahmun, plix do nothing!" I explain friendly to him that loot thieving is not illegal before I answer the next report. This time a player is reported for macroing. I teleport to him:

GM Investigation

Me: Hello
30 seconds later, character hunting...
Me: Please answer
Botter: exura
1 minute later, character still hunting...
Me: answer me
Botter: YEYE
Botter: exura
Me: Stop moving
Botter: kk
Botter: exura
Me: What took you so long to answer me?
Botter: you don't wanna know Frown
Me: I do
Me: Tell me
Botter: don't force me to lie
Me: Then don't lie
Me: Tell me why you didn't answer
Botter: Just ban me for macro using

I am almost a bit sad as I banish him. It does not happen too often that somebody takes the responsibility for his mistakes so openly.
Next, somebody is reported for luring dwarf guards. As player killing is illegal on Non-PvP game worlds, I teleport to the reported player. At my arrival, I initially wonder where the lurer might be, until I realise that I am standing on a rope spot in a small cave with 2 dwarf guards. Suddenly I found myself roped up looking straight into the face of the lurer. An already roped dwarf guard is standing beside him and the body of a low level character lies close by, the first victim of his misdeed. I think he is quite shocked at his blue-caped catch as it takes him 10 seconds before he runs away, screaming "I'm no lurer!", the dwarf guard following behind. Of course, he is banished for killing characters on a Non-PvP game world with lured monsters.

On the next game world, 2 characters are reported for multi-clienting. I teleport there to investigate this case. Both characters are moving and talking, however, only alternating. So I start interrogating one character:

Me: How is it that the character beside you only moves when you do not and only speaks when you do not.
MCer: huh?
Me: You are playing both of these characters at the same time, aren't you?
MCer: OMG!!! I am NOT, how dare you to accuse me of MC!
Me: Okay so if you are not MCing, then you both speak and move at the same time.
MCer: I can't the other PC is too far away...
Me: Well, enjoy your vacation.
MCer: Ahhh crap
are his last words before his characters get banished. In the meantime, I see somebody spamming many lines in game chat with: "wand of dragonbreath wand of dragonbreathwand of dragonbreath wand of dragonbreathwand of dragonbreath wand of dragonbreathwand of dragonbreath wand of dragonbreathwand of dragonbreath wand of dragonbreathwand of dragonbreath wand of dragonbreathwand of d". After banishing this guy, I move on to the next game world.

Here a botter is reported. When I get there, the reporting player is still there. While I investigate the case, the reporter starts a nice little conversation with me. Finally, I banish the botter. The reporting guy wants to ask me a last question: "How long does it take until my criminal record is gone?", he says. I answer his question, whereupon he proudly tells me that he wants to become a tutor so he needs a clear criminal record. Unfortunately, he has already 4 entries in his criminal record. But HE did not break any rules as he just got this account from his friend... "Well," I said, "I am afraid this is your 5th entry then." I believe he looked somewhat puzzled when green stars appeared around him and he got kicked from the game. As this banishment triggered the account's deletion, I am afraid we will not see him as a tutor soon.
Being in Fibula's rotworm cave, I decide to look around a little bit more, as this is a popular place amongst botters. Already the first guy I meet behaves suspiciously. Normally, players get all excited when seeing a GM and trying to get their very own screenshot. Not this guy! As I investigate him, it turns out he indeed uses a bot. The second I banish him, another player comes along. As before, no reaction. One more botter banished. He shares the same fate as the next 2 guys I meet here. Just when I think that the cave must be empty now, I find a guy that is actually playing without a bot. However, I doubt he has ever seen a gamemaster before:

Player: Hi!
Me: Hiho =)
Player: Cool outfit!
Player: Is there an addon quest for it?
Me: I hope not!

On the next game world somebody is reported for teleporting. I decide to visit this character to see if he repeats his wish. Some other players have already seen me and gathering around me to watch the scene. After he asks for a teleport again, I ask him "You want a teleport?" which he answers with "Yes." I ask again "Are you sure you want a teleport?". A bit impatiently he replies "Yes, hurry up!". I say "ok, you will arrive in 7 days" before I banish him for game weakness abuse.

It's already getting late, when I see that a character is reported who pretends to invite players to his guild and then sends them a hacklink to join it. As they are normally smart enough not to invite gamemasters, I login to one of my investigation characters:

Me (on investigation character): Plx man, I want to join your guild
Hacker: Alright, You have invite. Go to to join.
Me (on investigation character): Cool! Thanks!
Me (on investigation character): You can join my guild also
Me (on investigation character): It's called "Guild of banished players"
Hacker: Ok
Hacker: site?

As there are no more reports open on this game world, I decide to log out and to check my complaints. Players that believe that their punishment is unjustified have the possibility to complain about their punishments via the complaint function on their account page. The first guy that complains is the spammer which I had banished earlier. His complaint is a bit short and rather astonishing: "I forgot to put the word "sell", sorry". I decide to point his attention to Tibia Rule 2b which deals with spamming.

The next complaint is full of heavy insults which I do not want to repeat here. That's daily business of a gamemaster so I do not get too upset about it but calmly prolong his banishment. Also the next one is a classic: "I had no macro. I asked my little brother to play while I went to the bathroom quickly and I told him not to talk to anybody." It is amazing how many little brothers and sisters have been "playing" while their older siblings just went to the bathroom. I sometimes wonder how much time one can spend in a bathroom when they have been reported for macroing for well over 2 hours. Not to speak of the fact that letting your siblings play is account sharing and illegal as well. Also in the next complaint, the little brother is accused, poor him: "I got my little brother to play for me ... and he doesn't really understand what a GM is .. I told him not to speak to anyone because he would get me killed. But don't you worry I have punished him very badly and now he isn't allowed to sleep with me when he has nightmares, that will teach him... "

Finally, I have a complaint in which a player actually seems to be happy about his banishment: "I really think this was a good idea. Now when I cant play Tibia the next 30 days, I'm gonna have time to do all my freaking homework!" I am always glad if I can help. In the last complaint somebody offers me 50 pounds if I delete his banishment. Needless to say that bribes are absolutely pointless.

GM Meeting

Before we end this "typical" day in the life of a gamemaster, I want to share this special treat with you. Some players can become very creative when it comes to talking themselves out of a rule violation. This is the top 10 of the most creative complaints (none of them, however, succeeded in getting the punishment lifted):

1. Banished for: Account trading
Complaint: I have never traded this account - this comes as a total surprise. I recently just bought a new car and wanted to tell my friend that I was a proud "New Owner" of a 2005 Subaru. I apologize if this was confused for me trading the account, but I never traded an account. I am a loyal, happy player in the game. If you would like a photo of my new car to prove that I am honest, I can do that too. Please let me play again! Thanks.

2. Banished for: Offensive language
Complaint: It wasn't me!!! My mom was angry at me for playing Tibia and wanted me banned so I w