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Tibia news

Update on Recent Survey

Written by Tibia.com on Tuesday 03 April 2018
Over the weekend, many Tibians received an invitation to a survey in which we asked a few quick questions about various ideas. Did they sound a bit peculiar to you? Well, then you are on to something...

But first, let us recap the questions:


So are these questions maybe hinting at the contents of the summer update 2018?

No worries, the survey was not an early teaser. In light of April Fools' Day, we took the liberty of creating a fun survey. We are not working on or considering any of the ideas mentioned in the survey. Since April 1st fell on Easter Sunday this year, we started the survey several days in advance - also to make it a bit less obvious that this is an April Fools' joke.

We hope this little prank made you smile and you had fun while taking the survey.

Are you interested in the replies nonetheless? Stay tuned, we will present them in one of our next featured articles.

See you in Tibia!
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