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Tibia news

Rise of Devovorga

Written by Tibia.com on Monday 28 August 2017
2Devovorga is coming back to Tibia, bringing nothing but death and destruction! However, it is not too late to thwart her evil plans. You and your friend have to turn into dauntless heroes and avert the impending doom!

After server save on September 01, mystical portals will appear all over Tibia! Those, who consider themselves strong enough to survive the wrecking horror that waits on the other side of those portals, should coordinate their attacks. Teamwork is the key to success!
Hurry up and defeat all the cruelsome incarnations to face the powerful Devovorga in a final battle!

Please remember: Stage 2 (Devovorga's incarnations) needs to be completed before server save on September 6 or your world will not be able to proceed to stage 3 (Blooms of Doom) in time.

If your world manages to kill Devovorga until server save on September 7, it will benefit from +50% health and mana regeneration until the end of September.

Send Devovorga back to the abyss!
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