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Tibia news

Content Fixes and Changes

Written by Cipsoft on Tuesday 25 April 2017
With today's server save we slightly adjusted the amount of needed creature products for some imbuements. The following creature products are now required to create the corresponding imbuement:

1. Frost imbuement:
Basic: 25 frosty heart. Intricate: 25 frosty heart, 10 seacrest hair. Powerful: 25 frosty heart, 10 seacrest hair, 5 polar bear paw.

2. Swiftness imbuement:
Basic: 15 damselfly wing. Intricate: 15 damselfly wing, 25 compass Powerful: 15 damselfly wings, 25 compass, 20 waspoid wings.

3. Precision imbuement:
Basic: 25 elven scouting glass. Intricate: 25 elven scouting glass, 20 elven hoof. Powerful: 25 elven scouting glass, 20 elven hoof, 10 spiked iron ball.

Additionally, we changed the following:
  • We reduced the amount of "crude horn with mouthpiece" that are needed to remove a sight of surrender spawn from 500 to 100.
  • Some minor NPC and map issues were fixed as well.

    Have fun!
    Your Community Managers