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Tibia news

DDoS on South American Game Worlds

Written by Tibia.com on Friday 03 February 2017
Yesterday evening, our South American game worlds became the target of a series of malicious DDoS attacks that led to massive connectivity issues for our players there. Moreover, it even impacted the internet infrastructure in Brazil for a certain amount of time.

We deeply apologise for the negative effects you had to endure due to these assaults on our servers.

Nevertheless, we want to keep Belobra, Ferobra, and Serdebra in South America since we know how important this is to our players there. Rest assured that we are doing our best together with our service providers to improve the situation there as far as we can. We would like to make you aware, though, that you may experience significant connectivity issues on these worlds again in case of further DDoS attacks while we are working hard on additional countermeasures.

Thank you for your immense loyalty, we truly appreciate your understanding and patience during this difficult time.

Best regards,
Your Community Managers