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Tibia news

DDoS Attacks on South American Game Worlds

Written by Tibia.com on Wednesday 25 January 2017
Dear Tibians, last week we activated an external DDoS protection service for our game worlds. The protection is currently working as intended for our European and North American game worlds.
Unfortunately, last Saturday, we had to disable the protection for our South American game worlds since it caused very high pings and lag spikes for almost every player that tried to connect to these worlds. In the last few days, those game worlds suffered from constant and heavy DDoS attacks again, which -in the worst case scenario- can bring the game worlds to their knees.

Therefore, we are deeply sorry to inform you, that we have decided to move Belobra, Ferobra, and Serdebra temporarily to our datacentre in North America. These game worlds will be moved during the course of the day.
We want to make it absolutely clear, that this is just a temporary step, which will be reverted as soon as we can provide a better solution. We are working hand in hand with our service providers to improve the situation as fast as possible.

Update info: Due to technical difficulties while trying to move Belobra, we had to abort the relocation for today, January 25. We are now planning to move the three worlds to our North American datacentre tomorrow, January 26, in the course of the day.

We hope you understand, that we cannot narrow down the needed time frame for this project but rest assured, that it is one of our highest priorities to move those game worlds back to South America as soon as possible.

Again, we deeply regret this step and hope you understand our motives,
Your Community Managers