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Tibia news

Content Fixes and Changes

Written by Tibia.com on Monday 16 January 2017
With today's server save we changed the following:

  • First Dragon: Zorvorax does no longer disappear for a short moment while moving south or east.
  • First Dragon: The dragon chests in Drefia and Zzaion were moved to a different location to provide a better accessibility.
  • Forgotten Knowledge: A broken tile in Lloyd's room is now fixed.
  • Forgotten Knowledge: An issue preventing Lloyd to teleport back to the battle field after a prism got destroyed is now fixed.
  • 20 Years Celebration: The position of the character while wearing the male or female festive outfit is now fixed.
  • 20 Years Celebration: Market booths on Vigintia island do no longer disappear under certain circumstances.
  • General: An issue disabling some of the content fixes from December 13 and 20 is now fixed and the content changes are working again.

Kind regards,
Your Community Managers