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Tibia news

Tibia 11 Fixes

Written by Tibia.com on Wednesday 14 December 2016
Today, we release additional fixes for the Tibia 11 client. Among others, we were able to fix the following:

  • The Tibia 11 client should now provide a better scaling on high resolution displays.
  • Creatures which have returned to the ingame window are now set to the correct position in the battle list.
  • FPS drops in e.g. highly populated areas should now be reduced.
  • An issue allowing the crosshair cursor to co-occur with a dialog window, is now fixed.
  • The market now shows the correct item icons while navigating through the "Object Types (in Depot)" with arrow keys.
  • Switching collums in the "select outfit" window does no longer result in FPS drops.
  • An issue causing the client to crash under certain circumstances was fixed.

    Have fun,
    Your Community Managers