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Featured Tibicus

Changes Never Change

Written by Cipsoft on Wednesday 09 November 2016
Tibicus was a brave man who lived through many adventures in Tibia. He fought numerous orcs in Ulderek's Rock, slaughtered countless dragons, encountered the mad mage and explored every single cave deep down in the heart of the Formorgar Mines.
So far, he survived everyone and everything thanks to his armour. An armour he wore in all situations, an armour which protected him from every kind of creature he fought and which has never failed him. He was used to wearing it and did not see any reason to change to a different armour, even if that came along with less protection in various areas.

Months and years passed by, and Tibicus slaughtered through hordes of monsters while countless heavy blows by swords, axes and magic missiles did not leave his armour unscathed.
He could tell a story about every deep scratch and crack on his chest protector and it made him feel nostalgic talking about his past achievements. That is why he stuck to his armour despite its worsening shape.

Then happened what was bound to happen: Tibicus got badly injured during an excruciating battle with creatures way superior to him and his party members. He was fighting against two demons as a third one tried to attack him from behind. Tibicus recognised the demons' ambush in the very nick of time and was able to dodge the first attack but got smashed against a rock the second after. His bones made a heavy crackling sound as he crashed against the hard stone and he sensed the warm red liquid relentlessly floating up his throat. He felt an incredible burning in his chest and as Tibicus looked down he saw the deep wounds the demon's claws had cut into his flesh. While he tried to stop the bleeding he scanned the area,Tibicus Wounded desperately looking for a possibility to escape. The rock he had been thrown at was in the outer area of the battle field which gave him enough time to pull himself out of the danger zone.
He was favoured by fortune that those monsters were distracted and repulsed by the scent of blood and death of his killed comrades allowing him to flee from this hell hole. With his last ounce of strength he arrived painfully moaning and groaning at the foot of a temple. The next morning a priest found him lying unconsciously in a puddle of his own blood between two pillars and carried him to his chambers to take care of him.
For many days, Tibicus was on the edge of dying and the priests were about to give up on him, when he slowly opened his eyes after two weeks in a comatose state. He had a lucky escape but hardly managed to survive. His armour once again had been able to weaken the impact on his body but everything that was left of his equipment was now in a devastating state...

Tibicus gathered the best blacksmiths and mages in Tibia to restore his beloved armour, but none of them were able to comply with his wishes completely. They tried their best, fixed and improved a lot of things and made the armour wearable again.
However, there was one thing they would never be able to fix: The armour's age.

He continued his journey and it seemed like the armour did its job and protected him from monsters' attacks. It was good enough for the moment, but the inevitable certainty began to sink in, that it would not last forever. The armour was hampering his progress and with regard to the unexplored areas occupied by brutal and powerful inhabitants from which legends only tell, he knew he stood no chance to survive in these lands while having his old armour equipped.

One day, he met an old man who led a withdrawn life deep in the forest. They got into a long conversation and as it was getting late, they decided to start a camp fire to share some barbecued meat. The old man turned out to be quite the talented pitmaster. Tibicus mouth started to water as a juicy, succulent leg of venison and tender fish pervaded the air with their aromatic scents. Soon afterwards, both were bloated with food and sat around the fire enjoying the calm and peaceful night.campfire
"I have met many people in my life," the old man mumbled, "but someone like you, someone like you is hard to find. Your passion about fighting is remarkable, I can tell that. You lived through a lot of pain, yet your will to fight evil remains unchanged. Lots of people could take a leaf out of your book if you ask me. But tell me, something is bothering you, I can see it in your eyes."
Tibicus gazed into the fire and sighed: "Oh, you know, it is my armour which worries me sick. It is old and brittle but I cannot replace it with another one. It was part of my life for so many years, I will never be able to simply scrap it as useless."
The old man spoke no word, they both sat quietly around the fire and watched the embers working through the wood. Tibicus finally broke the silence after he got up to put another log on the fire: "It is not that I refuse to acknowledge that my old armour is not destined to meet future challenges, but it is so hard to let go..."

"Now, now young man. Changes are part of everyone's life. Nothing is meant to last forever," the old man answered. "But still, everything remains the same. Just in a different way." Tibicus did not understand the meaning of this utterance. Like a little boy, he looked at him with large questioning eyes but the old man did not show the slightest inclination to further explain his remark.
"I am going to help you and I will create a new armour from scratch for you which is going to meet your demands to continue your journey. Entrust me with your old armour and I will try to transfer as many functions as I can into the new one. It will not be a one on one replica but I am going to give my best. Sleep on it for a night and tell me your decision tomorrow." Tibicus was not really pleased by the idea of giving up on his beloved armour but the old man caught his attention. He was torn between reason and emotion and could not sleep a wink. During the night, he racked his brain but in the end, his curiosity won the battle.

The old man wasted no time and began to work on the new piece of equipment and it took him many months until he was able to finish it. Full of anticipation Tibicus tried on the new armour but was not satisfied at all. "It does not really fit" he said quite disappointed with the outcome as he returned it to the old man.
"No problem, tell me which parts are causing discomfort and I will take it back and reconstruct the pinching areas. Thais was not build in a day either." Ten days passed while the old man worked on further improvements to make the armour more suitable. "Well it suits better but it feels too heavy, I am way slower as soon as I equip this armour."
The old man took the armour back again to reduce the weight. As one can imagine, the armour went back and forth many more times and with every feedback given, the result became better and better. Nonetheless, Tibicus was never absolutely satisfied with the outcome. Every time he received a new version of the armour, he determined something else which needed adjustments. His hopes were deceived, Tibicus ended up in desperation. The thought to give up on his old armour for a new one stressed him out. He could not see a real value in the new armour since it was not functioning in the exact same ways his previous armour did. It was simply not like the armour he had grown accustomed to.

The old man worked on the armour tirelessly, tweaked and added as much as he could until one day he approached Tibicus and said to him: "My friend, the time has come. I have made as many adjustments and improvements as possible and the result is as close to your previous one as it can get which means for your old armour to enter its well-deserved retirement."
"No old man, can't you see? It still feels different to wear it, it is not the same, I do not want to let go!" Tibicus raged in anger and despair.
"Yes, Tibicus, as I already told you, it remained the same, just in a different way. Imagine your whole life so far like a sandglass. By letting go of your old armour the last grain of sand trickles through and by equipping your new armour you turn the sandglass again. Your whole existence, like a sandglass, will always be reversed and will ever run out again. Everything you did to become the man you are today Tibicus New Armoreverything that defines you is going to happen again. You will establish friendships and meet new enemies, you will feel hope and grief, make mistakes, find happiness and fortune as well as hatred and pain.
The whole structure of things that makes up your existence will not change. Every blade of grass, every ray of sunlight remains the same. A flower blooms and fades within one year and yet another flower will do the same the year after.
It is the story of eternal return, which affects your armour, too. So do not cling to the past, let go and you will realise that everything stayed the same. Changes happen everywhere and anytime and still everything reoccurs."

The old man's words still loomed large in Tibicus brain after he left to continue his journey. He took a look around, everything stayed the same, deers were grazing peacefully on a small clearing, he noticed the growling of an orc-patrol in the distance and felt the fresh autumn wind blowing through his hair. While looking down on his new armour he smiled and mumbled "I think, I got it now..."

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