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Tibia news

Pray for Prey

Written by Cipsoft on Friday 28 October 2016
The Tibian gods have listened to pleas of some adventurers for better Snow3 rewards when risking their lives day in and out cleaning the world from evil creatures that are threatening peace.

After the winter update, adventurers will be offered a choice of monsters from which they can select one that they would like to focus on during their hunts. The gods will then offer a bonus reward for killing this monster. The bonus reward will be active for a set period of hunting time.
If you are not satisfied with the offered bonus, you can ask for a new bonus, and with some luck, the new bonus will be even better than the old one. You can also ask for a new selection of monsters to choose from if you decide that you would rather hunt something else instead.

So before a hunt you can pray for good prey: Simply choose a monster from the list offered and keep your fingers crossed for a nice bonus for hunting that monster. You can have up to three active preys, meaning three different monsters, each with its own bonus. The time will start counting when you start hunting, and it will pause as well when you pause your hunt.

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Enlarge image: PreySystem1

An example of a list of monsters.

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Enlarge image: Prey System 2

After you chose a monster, you can see all information about your prey.

Have a look at the hard facts of this new system as they are known today.

Please note that all things may still be subject to change since the update is still in development.

Happy hunting, Tibians!
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