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Tibia news

Dev Note About Imbuing

Written by Cipsoft on Thursday 18 August 2016
Tibians, dev note druidwe would like to give you the opportunity to give us feedback about something that is currently on our drawing board!

With this year's winter update, we plan to introduce imbuing, a new feature that allows players to add certain temporary effects - imbuements - to pieces of equipment if specific requirements are met.

Now we have a few questions that mainly deal with imbuements and imbuable items and we would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions on this matter.
Therefore, we have posted a new dev note in the Auditorium that includes further info on imbuing and a set of questions for you!

Interested in finding out more and helping us with your feedback? Check out the dev note and post your answers in the designated thread until August 26, 10:00 CEST.

We are looking forward to your feedback!
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