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Tibia news

CipSoft's 15th Anniversary

Written by Cipsoft on Wednesday 08 June 2016
Today is a special day, Tibians: We are celebrating CipSoft's 15th anniversary!
15years cipsoft
Tibia was already more than 4 years old when the creators of Tibia left behind their student life and founded the CipSoft GmbH, an independent games developer, back in 2001. The success of Tibia enabled CipSoft to grow and pursue the further development of Tibia as well as the development of other games such as TibiaME.
We have come a long way in those 15 years. Years filled with numerous great moments, highlights and challenges; always driven and united by the passion of making games.

A vital part of our success is due to the loyal Tibia community, people from all over the world who fill the game with life day by day.
Thank you, Tibians! No matter how long you have been with us, we are truly grateful for your support, dedication and for your love for Tibia!

To share our excitement with you, 555 packages of 250 Tibia Coins each have been raffled among all accounts who logged into the game at least once during the last 150 days. The winners will be notified via email in the course of the day and the Tibia Coins have already been assigned to their accounts.

We are already looking forward to January 07, 2017. This date will mark a great milestone for Tibia:
20 years full of Tibian stories and memorable moments, 20 years of uniting adventurers from all over the world!

Journey onward!
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