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Tibia news

New Email Address Dedicated to Technical Issues

Written by Cipsoft on Monday 06 June 2016
s part of our continuing efforts to improve the service quality of our game support, we have released a new support email address today which focuses on technical problems of all kinds. From now on, please direct technical support requests to our new support address tech@cipsoft.com rather than to our general support address support@tibia.com.

Typical examples of technical issues include:
  • connection problems of all kinds, including character deaths resulting from lags/kicks.
  • client stability issues such as crashes.
  • any other problem resulting from technical causes.

    When writing to tech@cipsoft.com, please remember to always include the name of a character (ideally the name of the character with which you encountered the problem) as well as the exact point of time when the problem occurred.

    Kind regards,
    Your Customer Support Team