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Tibia news

Results of the Fansite Feedback Form

Written by Cipsoft on Wednesday 11 May 2016
From March 18, 2016 till April 1, 2016 we had asked you for feedback about our fansite programme via a feedback form. 293 Tibia players participated and we would like to present the results to you now.
55 participants showed no interest at all in the fansite programme. From the remaining 238 interested people, around 39 % explained that all is well with the programme and that they did not have any complaints. 15 % said that they indeed have criticism, but unfortunately they did not feel like sharing it with us.
The remaining 46 % (110 people) decided for the option to give us more elaborate feedback, a bit more than a simple "all is ok" or "it is not ok".
The feedback form offered two options for comments. First of all, the option to leave a comment about a specific fansite. A summary of the comments made to a specific fansite was forwarded to the respective administrators.
The second option asked for feedback concerning the fansite programme in general. 91 players left a comment for us there. The top 3 feedback topics that we have identified are:

1) Fansites should not be a copy of tibia.com, but offer something extra for the visitor. Fansite administrators should be creative and original. There are too many fansites that seem alike, each fansite should offer something unique.
2) Fansite items reach too much value ingame. This is a motivation for corruption.
3) Some of the fansites have become outdated. Their administrators or teams should be more active.

We are aware of the fact that these results are not a statistically valid representation of the opinion of the entire community. Nevertheless, the results indeed confirm the criticism concerning the fansite programme that we receive through different channels.

This feedback form was inspired and supported by several fansite administrators. Together we would like to improve the image of the fansites and the fansite programme. Therefore, some of the fansite administrators and we community managers want to invite you to join our conversation about this in the Auditorium.

A big thank you once again to all participants!
Your Community Managers