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Recommended by Tibians for Tibians

Written by Cipsoft on Friday 12 February 2016
There are so many things to do and places to go to in Tibia! It is quite a challenge to keep track of all of them. Some things are considered common knowledge; others are less well-known.
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Do you have any insider tips to share about the world of Tibia? Something that others may not have discovered yet? Anything you can recommend to others that may enrich their Tibia experience?
Maybe a cool hunting ground that lies off the beaten track? An effective but little-known fighting strategy? A secret place to visit? A special NPC to talk to? A particular quest that no one should miss?

Share your knowledge and expertise with other Tibians in our next featured article!
A special feedback form "Recommended by Tibians..." has been started where you can submit your insider tips until February 18, 23:59 CET. Please also check the additional information we have provided there.
In the featured article of March, we will publish a collection of our favourite submissions. The authors of these featured tips will be mentioned in the article and each of them will receive an arcane insignia as a token of appreciation.

Let us know!
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