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Tibia news

The Lightbearer

Written by Cipsoft on Tuesday 10 November 2015
Darkness is about to fall upon us; the veil between the worlds has grown thin. Yet, a little light can go a long way. Team up with fellow Tibians during the upcoming Lightbearer event and lighten up the sky!

From server save November 11 until server save November 15, ten fire basins need to be kept burning to dispel the lingering gloom. But watch out: if a single light goes out, your world has failed!

If you are interested in helping, you may want to visit Lucius in Yalahar once the event has started. Also, some of our supported and promoted fansites provide detailed guides with useful information about this event so pay them a visit. It is also a good idea to check your world board to see if other players have already started with preparations for the Lightbearer.

Light up the darkness!
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