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Sssp... Sssp... Spooky!

Written by Cipsoft on Saturday 31 October 2015
It is this time of the year again. happy halloween Evil forces are sending one of their cruelest and most malevolent spirits to the Tibian lands to wreak havoc.
From today's server save till the server save on November 3, the Mutated Pumpkin will appear west of Darashia to spread terror all over the land.

Everybody who dares to take part in the defeat of this creature has a chance to be rewarded, according to the level of participation.
After you have actively helped to kill the Mutated Pumpkin, you can try your luck for loot. Also, everybody who actively contributed to the success of the fight is allowed to enter a portal in order to carve the pumpkin, meaning you can skin its corpse with an obsidian knife.

halloween mount
A faster way towards the fight might be a new travelling companion! Check the mounts category in the Store later today to have a look at the slagsnare, the nightstinger, or the razorcreep.

All three of them might become loyal and trustworthy companions to carry you smoothly through the Tibian wilderness. Once bought, your character can use the mount ingame anytime, no matter if you are a free account or a premium account.

Also, especially for Halloween, the famous Halloween Hare will be around again. This cunning fellow can be found only today and hides somewhere on mainland, on Rookgaard, and on Dawnport. Get yourself transformed into an evil creature to be prepared for the next Halloween party!

halloween outfit
If this is not enough Halloween Spirit for you yet, check out the new fashion of the season, which will also be available in the Store a bit later today. Look for the royal pumpkin outfit in the outfits category and dress up for your Halloween celebrations!

Once bought, your character can wear this outfit anytime, it will not fade away like the costume from the Halloween Hare. The outfit is purely cosmetic and does not bestow any benefits.

A spooky Halloween!
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