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Tibia news

Transferable Tibia Coins for Converted Products

Written by Cipsoft on Monday 07 September 2015
With the release of the Store and the introduction of Tibia Coins in July, all existent Premium Scrolls were converted into Tibia Coins. Depending on the payment method that was used to buy those scrolls, the Tibia Coins were either converted into immediately transferable coins (e.g. in case of bank transfers) or into coins which become transferable after a waiting period of 6 months (e.g. in case of credit card payments).

In response to the feedback we received on this matter, we have decided that all Tibia Coins which players received in July due to the conversion of already paid products (e.g Premium Scrolls, unused Character Name Change) will be changed into immediately transferable coins around 10:00 CEST tomorrow, regardless of the original payment method. The Tibia Coins system will be temporarily unavailable during this process tomorrow.

Please note that this adjustment does not affect Tibia Coins which have been bought via the Webshop. The current requirements for transferable Tibia Coins still apply to these purchases and can be checked in the corresponding FAQ.

See you in Tibia!
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