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Tibia news

Rise of Devovorga

Written by Cipsoft on Friday 28 August 2015
Next week, Devovorga, the ultimate weapon of evil, will rise again to unleash her fiery rage.
Rise Of Devovorga
On September 1, mysterious portals will appear all over Tibia. They harbour incarnations of Devovorga's shattered soul so prepare yourself well before stepping through! Team up with fellow players to reach the final stage of the event and challenge the mighty Devovorga to a dance of life and death.

As you may know, we implemented some adjustments last year. Check our news article from back then to find a summary.

If your world manages to kill Devovorga until server save on September 8, it will benefit from +50% health and mana regeneration until the end of September.

Send Devovorga back to the abyss!
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