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Tibia ML news

Tibia ML Server News

Written by elyluvzya on Friday 08 May 2015

Hello Everyone!

We know it's been a super long time since our fansite has been working to its full extent. We've had technical problems when trying to move to a better server, but now everything is finally cleared up.
Sadly our admin Steven had to step down because of real life work, we wish him all the best on his journey! And now we would love to welcome our new admin JoccE! Congratulations on your new role as the admin, we hope that the community gets to know you more over the years!
The website is now up and running properly! We will be sure to add more content to it and we will update some of old content! We're back and ready to rumble!

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Enlarge image: Tibiaml

Hail TibiaML!

-TibiaML Staff