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How about those Tibians?

Written by CipSoft on Tuesday 05 May 2015
We have not had a featured article related to statistics in quite a while, so we thought that it might be interesting once again to take a look at some numbers that are partly defining the Tibia universe.

Facts about the Tibia population

Just as we had published in the Statistics featured article in 2009, there are still about 1.3 million registered Tibia accounts. Let us take a look where Tibia players come from these days, regarding their registrations and let us see if there have been changes during the past 6 years.

Country of Origin

COUNTRY - 2009 - 2015
Brazil - 485,778 - 581,321
Poland - 296,935 - 238,769
Mexico - 99,802 - 114,526
Sweden - 54,446 - 66,918
USA - 54,221 - 65,768

The numbers have indeed changed a bit, for example, we have gained players from Brazil, and lost some from Poland. We have also gained players from Mexico, Sweden and the USA, however, all in all, the top five countries Tibia players come from and their order have not changed during the last 6 years.

So let us move on. In 2009, we had published that the average age of a Tibia player is between 20 and 21. When we look at an age distribution chart from April 21, 2015, we can see that the majority of Tibia players nowadays was born around 1990. That is also the mean-value, when we consider all years people chose as their birth date in their account registration. Please keep in mind that some people fill in the form with fake data. Still, the mean-value does give us a pretty clear value that makes the average Tibia player nowadays to be around 25 years of age.


On first look, it seems that the often heard statement that Tibia players are getting older might indeed contain some truth. Looking at various data that was gathered throughout the years, this trend can indeed be supported:

*In an age survey from 2005, over 60% of poll participants said that they were between 15 and 19.
*In an internal data check from 2009, the average age of a Tibia player was between 20 and 21.
*In a poll from the year 2012, almost 55% of poll participants said they were between 19 and 24.
*Today, in 2015, the average Tibia player is around 25 years of age.


Just as in the statistics article from 2009, we also want to take a look at the number of accounts that are played actively. There are currently 2.3 million Tibia accounts altogether (of which approximately 1.3 million are registered), in 2009 there were 2.6 million Tibia accounts. In March 2015, there were a bit more than 400,000 actively played Tibia accounts, which is roughly half of the actively played Tibia accounts in April 2009.

Let us analyse the Tibia community a bit further by more numbers. Of these about 1.3 million registered Tibia accounts, circa 1.2 million are registered to male players, and only about 0.1 million are registered to female players. In 2009, the percentage of male players in the community was 88.5%. This number has gone up today to over 92%. Bad news for all guys who are hoping to meet their female sweetheart in Tibia these days. Chances are decreasing to meet her. There seem to be less women playing Tibia than 6 years ago.

Let us find out if this change towards more male players is reflected ingame somehow, for example, by the gender of characters.

Ingame Facts about the Tibia Population

2009). 7.4 million of these character are male, 1.6 million are female. This is a ratio of 82% male characters to 18% female characters, which is exactly the same as it was in 2009. So the increase of male players is not really reflected ingame by the choice of the gender of characters.

Now let us find out, where all these male and female characters reside...

Tibia Census

CITY - 2009 - 2015
Thais - 1,758,998 - 2,834,984
Dawnport - N.A. - 2,317,214
Venore - 1,032,443 - 1,173,130
Rookgaard - 1,698,125 - 1,014,390
Carlin - 1,359,321 - 792,430
Ab'Dendriel - 319,129 - 425,351
Kazordoon - 150,941 - 128,197
Edron - 56,473 - 80,345
Darashia - 67,182 - 76,717
Ankrahmun - 34,392 - 48,169
Yalahar - 18,964 - 43,410
Port Hope - 16,177 - 25,134
Roshamuul - N.A. - 17,538
Liberty Bay - 21,731 - 16,711
Farmine - N.A. - 6,320
Svargrond - 4,299 - 4,052
Gray Beach - N.A. - 2,279

Obviously there have been plenty of changes in comparison to 2009. Rookgaard is of course less visited since Dawnport exists, and also Roshamuul, Gray Beach and Farmine had not been discovered six years ago. From the old cities, all cities have gained new inhabitants, except for Carlin, Kazordoon, Liberty Bay and Svargrond.

What is going on in Carlin? Over the past 6 years, over 560,000 inhabitants have fled the city ruled by Queen Eloise. Is she enforcing the laws against alcoholic beverages again?


Let us see, if there were any changes concerning the vocation distribution among the Tibia community. We will take a look at the numbers again that were collected for the featured article in 2009, as well as some numbers we still have from the featured article of Januar 2013 (please click on the image to enlarge):

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: fafaf

What is interesting to see here is that over the years, there seems to a be slight tendency towards less mages, while sorcerers are more affected by this trend than druids. And we can see an increase of Knights. The share of paladins has remained at 16% over the years. Between 2013 and 2015 there have been no changes concerning the share of characters that have received a promotion, it remained at 2% for all vocations. In 2009 this share was only 1%. A reason for this increase in character promotions might have been the introduction of premium scrolls in June 2012, but this is just a speculation.

Let us move on to the next topic, and take a look at guilds: As we could see in the poll When did you join your guild? in October 2014, about 74% of poll participants were able to name a joining date for a guild, while only approximately 26% of participants had not joined a guild with their main character. So obviously, Tibians like to organise themselves in guilds.

On April 21, 2015 there were 2935 guilds across all game worlds. The oldest game world, Antica, is also the world that holds the record of the highest number of guilds this day.

The game worlds with the fewest guilds are Calva (5), Calvera (8), Quilia (13), Elysia (16), and Tenebra (17).

Amount of Guilds per Game World

Gameworld - No. of Guilds
Antica - 106
Calmera - 104
Pacera - 93
Astera - 92
Secura - 92

The oldest guild around is still the Soldiers of Justice from Antica, just as we had already mentioned in the featured article Interesting Facts about Guilds , in 2012. The Soldiers of Justice have been around from the very beginning of the guild system as we know it today, together with the Mercenarys, the Red Rose, Satori, and the Messiahs of Bedlam. All these were founded on the first day the new guild system was available, back in February 2002. According to our internal data, the Soldiers of Justice were founded not even one hour earlier than the Mercenarys, the second oldest guild. A real short time frame that gives them the title "oldest guild in Tibia" today.

Today, there are 135,026 characters that are members of a guild. With 2935 guilds around, that makes about 46 members per guild on average. In 2012, there were 4160 guilds in Tibia, each with between 30 and 50 guild members. So while the number of guilds has been reduced, the average amount of guild members has remained about the same, very generally spoken.

What do these Tibians do?

Tibians have a very busy life. Besides hunting, fighting in wars, trading, decorating houses, and killing other players, they do many other things, which are currently presented in our series on https://www.facebook.com/tibia/timeline "Things To Do In Tibia". At the time this article is written, images of about 30 of these things have already been posted there. Here is an example for you, of "Things to do in Tibia" #27: Lose level 100!


Instead of dying themselves, Tibians are mainly busy, though, with killing monsters day in and out. A glimpse at the Kill Statistics are proof enough for that!

We would also like to mention that some Tibians enjoy their leasure time relaxing near a lake, a river or the sea, in order to chill and fish. Ok - not everybody does this, but some do. In a poll in 2012 we learned, that almost 42% of Tibia players at least pulled out their fishing rod every now and then. Only about 21% of Tibians could completely rule out fishing from their activies that year. The rest saw fishing merely as a past time activity.
Just about a year later, in 2015 , about 35% were able to clearly cancel out fishing from their leasure time activities in Tibia, still leaving over 60% of poll participants that are aware of this relaxing hobby.


What do these Tibians talk about?

Another thing to do in Tibia is "talk". Tibians do this with friends and foes, ingame and on the forum. Only about 6% of Tibians are neither reading nor posting on the Tibia forum. We have found that number in a poll on the website in 2006, as well as in the more recent poll: Tibia.com , nevertheless, let us take a look at topics that Tibians have talked about during the last year.

On the gameplay board, for example, The Achievements Thread - full of spoilers was the one with the highest number of new posts throughout the time frame of one year. This thread was started already in September 2011, and it contains way over 330 pages.
In their leasure time, Tibians also participate in forum games. If we check out which thread ranked highest in "new posts" during the last year on the real life board, we find the forum game What comes to ur mind when you hear.... This forum game has kept Tibians busy for almost five years already!

What do Tibians do when they do not play Tibia?

Speaking about real life, we also have a bit of information about the type of games Tibians spend their time with, when they are not playing Tibia. At the end of January this year, we held an ingame survey with our new survey tool , about Devices and Game Genres. We would like to take this chance to present the results to you.

3,835 Tibia players had been invited to participate in the survey, and over 850 have actually done so.
When asked about which devices were used to play games, 55% of participants explained that they only use their computer. From those, who also use other devices to play games, 33% use smartphones to play, 22% use a home console, such as the playstation, 11% use tablets and 4% additionally play on a hand held console, such as the Nintendo 3DS, for example. However, about 88% of the survey participants clearly favour the PC for gaming.
When asked about what type of games they like to play, the top answers were RPG and Action RPG, which was not surprising, considering that Tibia players were the target group of the survey, and Tibia is an MMORPG!

Have a look at the rest of the game genres that Tibia players are interested in:

Click on the image to enlarge it
Enlarge image: newimage

We hope you enjoyed our little journey to the world of numbers!
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