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Tibia news

House Decoration Contest

Written by Steven on Monday 24 June 2013
One of the unique features of Tibia is that Tibia has houses. Some people put a lot of effort into decorating their houses, with no rewards for their effort. We want to change that! If you have a beautifully decorated house, take part in our house decoration contest!

Rewards: Pigeon Trophy & Vampire Doll

The favorite submission picked by the Tibia ML staff will get the Pigeon Trophy. The favorite submission of the Tibia community managers (out of 10 selected by Tibia ML) will get a Vampire Doll. Just to be clear, both are in-game items for the MMO Tibia.

What do you need to do?

Just make a screenshot of your house with your character in it. The character in the photo is the one who’ll receive the reward! The photo should be uploaded to the Tibia ML group on Mmotter, which can be found here. In your photo description put your character name, city where you want the reward and Tibia house name.

The competition will end on Sunday July 21st 2013, 12.00 PM CEST. Only screens uploaded to the album of our Mmotter group will be valid. You can only submit 1 screenshot.

Best of luck to all participants.


How to upload? Make an account and go to this URL, click on "Photos" and then on the blue button "Upload Photos". Click on "Browse Images", select the comic(s) and click on "Start Upload". When the upload is finished, click "Save Photos".

What is Mmotter? Mmotter is a social network for online gamers. Every user has a profile and can upload unlimited screenshots, share status updates... Check out the Tibia portal on Mmotter.

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Enlarge image: House Fox Mc Cloud