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Tibia news

Demon's Lullaby

Written by Cipsoft on Monday 06 May 2013
You have what it takes to fight and slay all kinds of dark creatures. You have what it takes to master the power of death. You have what it takes to stop wild hordes from overrunning Tibia. And you have what it takes to face your enemies on the battlefield. But do you have what it takes to be a good babysitter?

demon_lullabyA stressed, overworked, but lovely demon mommy is looking for babysitters for a few days, starting on May 07, server save. You should be patient, experienced with the behaviour of demons, and being able to help yourself since the wishes of the babies might be a bit extravagant. If you do a good job and return the little squaller cheerfully to his mother you will receive an endearing reward. Are you interested? Then travel to the Jakundaf desert tomorrow, search for the demon mother, and offer your help.

If your game world returns enough satisfied little demons to their mother until May 14, server save, she will reward the world with an experience bonus of 10% until May 21. In addition, the death penalty will be reduced by half until then.

Let's babysit!
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