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Tibia news

Revamped Account Page

Written by CipSoft on Wednesday 05 December 2007
As already announced yesterday, the account page has received a face-lift. We have embellished its look so it fits better in the overall picture of the website, but we also believe that the new structure is much more user-friendly. Of course we also hope that you will simply love the new design.
Moreover, we have added a navigation box at top which contains links to the single sections of the account page. Furthermore, you find little arrow symbols, facing upwards, on the right-hand side of each section which allow you to quickly jump to the top of the page.

We have also added some new information to the account page. In the general information section you can now see the last time somebody logged into your account, either on the website or into the game. Moreover, you find the expiry date of your last Premium Account here. Additionally, any position your account might hold will be shown in this section.
What is more, the billing section received not only a new name but also new features. For more clarity, you will see only the last 5 entries in your billing information from now on. For a complete list of your premium time, you can have a look at the newly introduced history. Also a new column has been added which shows the amount of days of the single premium time entries.

Finally, we have changed the names of various buttons, rewrote some texts for an even better understandability and added a progress bar for the account registration process.

Enjoy your new account page!
Your CipSoft Team