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A word on hacking

Tibian Phenomena - A Recap

Written by Green-dragon on Wednesday 10 October 2012
"Why don't Tibians have noses?" "How is it possible that fire spells can be used under water?" "Why is it impossible to fish up the things you accidentally tossed into the water?"

In 2010, a contest was held in which Tibians were asked to explain some of these Tibian mysteries, Tibian phenomena. Here are the stories that originated from this contest:

Why there are many possibilities to take a seat in tibia but obviously no tibian is able to sit down?
By Sephirot

Did you ever wondered why tibians never take a seat? There are beautiful places all around tibia furnished with comfortable benches to enjoy the enviroment but nobody ever sits there. The average tibian is standing on the backrest of the chairs, benches or thrones instead of simply having a relaxing seat. Luckily tibias joiners are skilled people who only fabricate seats with solid backrests that almost never break!

But why is it so?

It seems natural that tibians stand on the backrests of their seats to be taller and look further or have a better look on anything. But why a wounded warrior or an exhausted magician would prefere climbing on the backseat to having a relaxing and bracing seat on one of tibias extraordinary solid chairs?
I fear there is another reason and we have to go more into detail.

The answer to our question is connected to another tibian phenomenon. Did you ever wondered that tibian's outfits are not equal to the clothes they wear? I remember when I met a beautiful green hairy girl with a pretty purple dress and a light red hat... She immediatly casted a spell over me. But when I came closer to touch her cute red hat, I was completly shocked. The cute red hat turned out to be a rustier steel helmet. Later I also found out that her pruple dress was only a plate armor...failure .
Well better save than sorry I guess.

To sum up, tibians do not know what clothes other tibians wear. You will understand this is a real mess to all those who are trying to esimate the armory of their opponents. The tibians are kind of cruel. Practically they fight each other all the time and they are often depending on an evaluation of their next enemy.
The tibians had to find way to figure out whether their opponents are wearing powerful equipments.

The solution was to check if someone was having a seat. You need to know that tibians who wear strong leg guards like brass legs, plate legs, knight legs, crown legs or golden legs are not able to sit because these armors do not have knee joints. It feels as your legs are sticked together with a massive wood lath - no freedom of leg movement at all. Warriors and magicians using these strong armory are fated to always stand.

So primarily the cruel tibians attacked seaters because they did not expected them wearing strong equipment. And actually they were right. Weaker tibians suffered alot and searched themself for an option to prevent themself from being recognized.

The solution was easy. They simply started standing on the backrests aswell. That way nobody could lurk behind a corner and recognize weak targets.

So the reason all tibians are standing on the backrests is that a few can't sit because they wear heavy armory without knee joints and the others just fake it to not get jumped.

Fake it until you make it!

The Stork is a Lie! or "Where creatures come from and why the appear as if by magic"
By Lycant

We have all been there - ever since we first ventured into the cavey depths of Rookgaard. You bravely venture forth, killing all that stands in your way and claiming their dying essence as your own to strengthen yourself and your abilities. Then, you decide it's time to head back, sell some goodies and get some well-deserved R&R when... Holy Banor!! They are all back from the dead! Every rat, bug, dragon, necromancer and minotaur you killed has seemingly revived and is now blocking your way back.

Did they revive? "No..." you tell yourself, "...for I can still see their corpses littered around my feet, slowly decaying into nothingness".

Are they illusions? "No..." you tell yourself, "...for that orcs' spear is now embedded in my skull and it definitely hurts!".

So where in Hellgate did they come from? They were not hiding, they were not buried underground, a giant stork did not drop them off (I'm pretty sure rotworms would eat any stork that came close to them) and they didn't grow from the ground.

Ancient literature would have us believe that Tibian creatures (and by creatures, I mean every living thing that is not a non-carnivorous plant) is born and grown. This is of course, a fallacy. Sure, we have all seen dragon hatchlings and several other "young" versions of more formidable foes. Have you ever seen a dragon hatch though? Or grow into a fully fledged one? How about water elementals - ever seen one turn into a great water elemental? Or a spider turn into a giant spider? Or a rotworm turn into a carrion worm?

You may think that these are simply events that we have not had the luck to witness... but I know (and so do all of you) that some of us make a living out of hunting these creatures day and night. If someone hunts dragons all day every day then surely they would witness a dragon hatch. And let's not even go into how we see fully-grown dragons appear from nowhere without being hatchlings or even eggs first.

No, my fellows. The reality of how creatures persistently inhabit and return to endlessly provide us hunting sport (and mortal danger) is much simpler.

Every creature in Tibia is in fact... a Zombie Ghost from Another World! Aeons ago, when the land was inhabited by real creatures - identical to those we face now - Tibia was invaded by a race of Zombie Ghosts from Another World, criminals exiled from their home planet. Attracted by the Manasphere surrounding Tibia, they annihilated the real population and took over their appearances and abilities. As long as the Manasphere persists, so will the Zombie Ghosts from Another Planet - endlessly reforming the world around them to take the physical form of their doomed hosts. Abandoning the bodies when they are no longer able to sustain 'life' - the Zombie Ghosts from Another Planet create 'life' around themselves once more - appearing as the original creatures once did.

Have you ever wondered why the creature population in our beloved Tibia always remains static? No matter how long we neglect to hunt Behemoths, there will always be a maximum amount of Behemoths in their caves. This is because the Zombie Ghosts from Another Planet are all male (hence more likely to become criminals, explaining their exile from their home planet) and therefore, will never reproduce.

So now you know the truth behind the creatures of our world. Go forth and hunt them, save in the knowledge that they are not and will never be 'real' and are therefore soulless and Evil Beyond Measure (which is why they always want to kill us). And remember - they are doomed to come back again and again. So next time you have despatched the latest batch of banshees - watch your back - for the Zombie Ghosts from Another Planet will appear behind you and try to bite your head off.

Lycant - creating conspiracy theories for the past 7 years!

How comes one can put several full backpacks in a single bag?
By Dragonnet van Cookie

Have you ever dreamt of having super abilities, like flying or jumping? A little something that, even if not world changing, would still represent something typical to yourself? Truth be said, you already have one. Actually, not just one, plenty. It is typical of human greed to forget about the various gifts we already possess, and keep on aiming for other ones. Indeed, can only be magic something one still does not own and understand. Why else wouldn't so called magicians tell their tricks? (err, apart from money?) The magic would just vanish! Be sure to be ready to have part of a mystery uncovered before reading further.

Being able to distort space at will in bags and various containers is one of those powers Tibians just take for granted, denying the magic lying within. They find it perfectly normal to be able to drag and drop backpacks several thousand oz heavy as if it were nothing... and yet many people wouldn't be able to actually carry them. It might be one of the most widely accepted paradoxes in the world of Tibia.

Now, on to the explanation as to why one is able to put containers into other containers as many times as one wants (1). Why? They were all enchanted with mighty spells at their making; each of them is an open door to a small dimension of its own. Had you ever wondered why even the simplest bag, which would seem to be of simple crafting, could never be made by the average Tibian? Only the finest wizards could hazard themselves at such experiments. Indeed, creating a dimension is not for dummies (even with instruction books).

Then, you could rightfully react and ask why, despite the obvious difficulty in making containers, they are so numerous nowadays. The reason, as often with popularisation of an item, is in the decreasing effort needed to make, upkeep and use bags. Whilst in the past only the best among the best could think of withholding a virtual space with their raw power, the technique was improved till it was reasonably costly; not so much to make but to preserve. Now, the charge of containing the permanent pressure from Zathroth willing to collapse new plans of existence lies no longer with the crafter, but with the user.

Do you now start to understand? Putting an item in your backpack will only be possible for as long as your body is able to sustain the spell! This ability increases with age and physical condition. Obviously, mages and paladins are advantaged in the use of bags. However, the vast majority of them keep their mana for different uses. Practically, only knights can afford using most of their energy into it, hence their legendary capacity.

Shouldn't putting a bag into another just double the effort then, considering one should keep a dimension larger than the other to contain the latter? No: storing a backpack in another is only storing the key, not the content! However, the cost of both remains yours to pay.

When a bag is put on the floor, it has no user of its own. It drains the mana it needs from Tibia itself, hence explaining why they can hold inhuman weights... and why Nature sometimes wipes them out to preserve its energies! This phenomenom is often called "floor reset" by those who don't comprehend it.

Nothing is ever free! If you don't use a backpack, please destroy it and do not let it leak mana from the world on the floor, serving no purpose!

This was a message from the CABF, the Committee Against Backpacks on the Floor.

(1): some containers actually can't be stored in other containers, as they are too big to get into the opening in the first place

Swimming - a dangerous pastime!
By Green-dragon

Ever seen those shark fins circling around the swimming areas? Ever wondered why you can't swim outside swimming areas? I can tell you this much: it's not the sharks!

Pretty much by accident, I stumbled upon some very secret information that most rulers would like to keep a secret. Even though I probably risk my life by revealing this information, I think you all have the right to hear it.

Back in the days when the human race was still young, it was already very common to throw your items into the water by accident. People were unaware of how to swim and were afraid of the deep water, though, so they never tried to retrieve their items, no matter how valuable. Ever since the Tibians invented swimming, though, people have tried to use it to regain their items... and where there's items or gold, there's competition.

The merchants of Venore thought of an evil scheme to keep people from regaining their long-lost items. They hired some talented swimmers and strapped some triangular pieces of grey wood onto their backs. People soon assumed that the triangles must be some kind of unknown seamonsters: sharks. This also explains why you will never see a shark when diving with a helmet of the deep - they simply do not exist.

Of course, the bright elves from Ab'dendriel soon figured out that there was something fishy about these so-called "sharks". They traced the idea back to its roots and found out about the merchants of venore, yet they did not reveal that to anyone else. Why? As long as the elves have lived in Ab'dendriel, they have been at war with the orcs that live east of their town. Even though the elven city is well-protected on land, it would be extremely easy for the orcs to invade from the waterside. Therefore, it was extremely important to them to keep this secret hidden from the orcs until they can grow defensive trees on the waterside. They thought it would only take a short time to grow these trees with the help of elven magic, but the elven magicians were soon forced to travel to the plains now commonly known as the Plains of Havoc to fight the forces of evil. Even though many are still alive today, only a few kept their sanity and returned to Ab'dendriel, where constant invasions prevent them from using their magic for growing the trees.

The women of Carlin would definitely have found out about the Venorean scheme, if it hadn't been for their fear of water. For ages, Carlin has had very tight bonds with the city of Northport, where the famous seamonster roams the seas. Marlene has convinced every single citizen of Carlin that the seamonster would eat them if they ever came too close to water (which is why you won't find any swimming areas near Carlin). I've yet to find out if Marlene speaks the truth, or is hired by another party.

The king of Thais had a different reason not to tell anyone about the shark tales. Very soon after the "sharks" first appeared, the infiltrants in the AVIN (working for the TBI) informed the king of these events. However, one thing that has to be noted about King Tibianus is that he is very greedy.

He thought of two advantages he would gain by not telling anyone: first, people from Rookgaard would only take the official boat on the Island of Destiny to leave (and as we all know, the king takes all gold that exceeds the limit of 2000 gold pieces). Secondly, if Rookgaardians could swim to Thais, he would have to invest a lot in making the cities secure for these underaged citizens. The fact that the Venoreans funded the whole plan was no problem to him either, for some reason he didn't mind his arch enemies spending their cash on something as weird as shark fins.

At first glance, the dwarves of Kazordoon would have no reason to keep this a secret. Revealing the secret would only discredit all the other cities and make more merchants come to Kazordoon instead. Still, the dwarves had their own secrets that they would not want to have revealed. Currently, the dwarves have the monopoly on the underground rivers and steamboats - they want to keep it that way. Even the underground rivers have several entrances, many of them hidden among the otherwise unreachable shoreline. If people went out swimming, they might discover these entrances and thus threaten the dwarven monopoly.

As for the other cities, it is commonly known that they are all colonies of the original cities on Tibia's mainland. They would not dare risk their relationships with their hometowns and thus lose all trading privileges.

So, next time you drop your items into the water, don't be discouraged so easily. Just make sure that no one sees you before you jump into the water, else you might end up jailed or even banished from all the cities!