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Premium Scrolls - A New Way to Upgrade to Premium

Written by Cipsoft on Wednesday 30 May 2012
Letter Tibians, we have some great news for you! Being able to buy and sell premium time ingame in a safe and easy way is something that many players have been wanting for years. We will accommodate this within the next weeks by offering you a new possibility to upgrade your account to premium: Premium Scrolls! Today, we would like to give you a short overview on what you can expect.

Premium ScrollsAfter having bought premium time, players will soon be able to decide whether they want to activate it immediately for their account or prefer to transfer it into the game as premium scrolls instead if they meet certain requirements.
One premium scroll will correspond to a premium time period of 30 days. Once ingame, a premium scroll is an object that can be stored in your depot, inbox, or a new container called purse which can only hold premium scrolls. Premium scrolls cannot be lost in case of death and weigh next to nothing. Most notably, though, they can be traded with other players via safe trade or the market. This means, premium scrolls will allow you to make some ingame profit for yourself by selling them to others. And you decide the price for which you want to sell them! At the same time, premium scrolls will also allow players to buy premium time ingame without having to use more conventional payment methods. They give you the possibility to pay for your premium time with the gold you earned ingame by playing Tibia! When you activate a premium scroll ingame, 30 days of premium time will be added to your account immediately.

Whereas all players will be able to buy premium scrolls ingame, being able to transfer scrolls into the game will be subject to certain precautions in order to regulate offers a bit: the account needs to have existed for a certain amount of time, one character on the account needs to have reached a certain level, and a certain amount of premium time needs to have been activated on the account in the past. In addition, you will only be able to transfer a limited number of scrolls into the game within a certain timeframe even if you meet all requirements. This number will also depend on the amount of active premium time on your account.
These conditions are in place because the premium scroll system is meant for private use only but it is not intended to replace official resellers, for example. All in all, premium scrolls provide a convenient and totally secure way for you to become a premium player and enjoy the numerous premium benefits.

Ingame Premium Scrolls

Have we piqued your curiosity? We certainly hope so! The exact conditions and time frames will be provided with the release of the premium scrolls. Of course, our manual will also be updated with more detailed information then.
Last but not least, we have another interesting news bit for you: The upcoming release of the premium scrolls will be accompanied by the start of our two preview game worlds.

Stay tuned!
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